Important Swim Meet Commitment Information

Marlin Families,

Please DO NOT commit your child(ren) to a swim meet if they can not attend the meet. 

You may have noticed that our meet last Saturday with Orangevale started later than usual and ran an hour longer than our meet the week before. The main issue that held up the start of the meet was the large number of scratches (swimmers who committed to being at the meet and then did not show) from both teams. 

We know and expect that there will be a few situations where a child gets sick the day of a meet or a family has an unavoidable event arise that keeps them from attending a meet at the last minute. That is why we have scratch sessions. What holds up the meet for the hundreds of swimmers on deck and their families, is when we have large numbers of swimmers not showing.

As an example, between the two teams last week, we had about 30 swimmers not show. Most of those swimmers were in 3 individual races and many were in 1 to 2 relays. For the individual events we needed to pull the swimmers out of nearly 90 events. Then we needed to reseed those events. Next we had to rework all of the relay teams they had been in or scratch the relays altogether. With 10 relay events, each having 3 to 4 teams, and each team having 4 swimmers, this is a larger juggling act than even the individual events. 

What can you do to help?

  • If you committed to swim meets back in May when we first opened up the sign-ups PLEASE double check your committed meets and be sure you are still attending them. If your plans have changed and you can no longer make a meet, please change your commitment to decline.
  • If you commit to a meet and then something comes up and your child can not attend, PLEASE let Coach Amy or the computer operator, Sophia Trotter-Goetze (  916-213-8559), know as soon as you know. This gives us a head start on reworking races, especially relays. The more we can do before the morning of the meet the sooner we can get the meet going.

On a related note, if you have a swimmer that has to leave a meet early before they have finished their races, BE SURE to tell Coach Amy, so the swimmer can be scratched. If a swimmer is seeded for a race, and is not at the blocks at the start of his/her race, the starter can hold the race for up to 30 seconds. Although this might not seem like a long time, with over 80 events, most with multiple heats, if the starter is waiting for swimmers who are no longer on deck, this has the potential to add a lot of unnecessary time to a meet.

Thank you for your assistance in making our meets run smoothly!