Safe Sport APT Steps Update

Hello Snake River,

I wanted to share what I have been sending to those experiencing difficulty in getting athletes thru the APT. 

To complete the Mandatory Athlete Protection Training Certification, please follow the directions below:

Sign in to your usaswimming account under your athlete name.  Select Safe Sport tab.  Scroll down to " Take a Safe Sport Class", choose middle link called Athlete Protection Training  and follow Word document for steps.

  1. Enter your first name, last name, and birthday. Make sure to use your legal name. Click the Search button.
  2. When the system finds you, click on "CONTINUE" to access the LEARN site.
  3. You must take three courses to complete the requirement:
    1. "Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education"
    2. "Mandatory Reporting"
    3. "Emotional and Physical Misconduct"
  4. Once you have completed your courses, your membership record will update within 24 hours with a new APT expiration date.
  5. Your APT will expire 12 months after you complete all three courses.

Members must always enter LEARN via or  If you create a non-member account, you will not receive credit for the courses that you take.

If you get a "No Results Found" message, one of three things has happened:

  1. You may have made a typo on your name and birthday. Double check and resubmit.
  2. If everything is correct and you are or have ever been a member of USA Swimming, it is possible that there is a typo in your membership information in the USA Swimming database. Contact your LSC registrar.
  3. You have never been registered with USA Swimming. You must join through your LSC. New members will be required to have your application form and payment processed by your LSC registrar before you can sign in to complete the course.

I have also been asked what are the step to get to club portal. Here is a short tutorial.

Instructions for Accessing Your Team’s Club Portal for SSRP and to check APT for 18 your athletes....

Several reports have been created for each club via their club portal on the USA Swimming website. To access these reports:

· Log on to the USA Swimming website with your personal log in.
· Under the Member Resources tab, chose Club Portal Search
· Enter your team’s name or club code, the click Search
· Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Club Administrator Log In
· Scroll to the bottom and enter the Club Portal Password
· Click on Edit Club Portal

Notice the tabs of the different options that are available. There are several reports that are very helpful for the team.

· The Club Non-Athlete Roster will give a list of all of the non-athletes registered with the club, their ID number, position (coach, official, other) and earliest certification expiration date. For coaches it will also show if they have completed the Foundations of Education or need to prior to registering for the next year.
· The athlete report also gives the ID number, age, and date of registration expiration. This list only shows the athletes who are attached and registered to the team at that time. If a swimmer is not on the list, he is either not currently registered or is not currently attached to the team.
· All data is updated nightly so it is current information.

If you do not have your Club Portal Password or you have forgotten it, contact LSC Admin Chair or Registration Chair.

I am also getting feedback that the athletes think is extremely long. 

Please know I hear your feedback for sure. Sometimes I feel this way about training's that I have to take, but that is part of being an adult.   I acknowledge where you are coming from and want to let you let know that many people have to do things that they don’t like, and everyone has to do this.  This is just something that you are going to have to get comfortable with and please remember this is to protect you, the athlete. 

Thank you for all you do to make our sport safer!

Natalie Geffros
SRS Safe Sport Coordinator
SRS Risk Management Coordinator