2020-21 NAAC MAAPP Info



USA Swimming Safe Sport, in conjunction with the U.S. Center for Safe Sport, has implemented a new, delineated MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy) that took effect beginning Sunday June 23, 2019.  USA Swimming’s general MAAPP info and all supporting documents, videos, etc are all on the USA Swimming MAAPP page HERE


Our NAAC MAAPP is posted HERE.


There are five defined areas in the new MAAPP:

1. One on One Interactions

2. Social Media & Electronic Communications

3. Travel

4. Locker Rooms & Changing Areas

5. Messages, Rubdowns and Athlete Training Modalities


Of particular note to our NAAC Families:

   1. One on one Interactions are per our current best practices.

   2. Social media & electronic communications require us to make some slight changes:

  • The communication between Coaches and upper level Swimmers must include a parent or a guardian if the swimmer is 17 or younger.  For instance, current practice would have Jen B or I asking an absent HS aged swimmer where they are via text (how many/most kids communicate today), and now a parent must be included in that text.    
  • General hours of electronic communication will be 8am-8pm.  Our NAAC policy clarifies "and/or during early or late practice session hours about those practices (weather advisories, absences, etc)."
  • No unrelated (non-family) Coaches connected to swimmers 17 or younger via any social media

   3. Travel policy is generally in line with our current best practices.  We have posted a Applicable Adult (Coach) – Athlete transportation form HERE for any Coach/Swimmer travel arrangements that might be made going forward.

   4. Locker rooms and changing areas are generally per our current best practices, with some added particulars in regard to what we may do to help ensure a safe environment: locker room sweeps, locker room monitoring from the hallway, etc as we are able to use locker rooms.

   5. Messages, rubdowns, additional modalities (cupping, e-stim, etc) are all things that are outside of anything we do or offer. 


The MAAPP definition of an Applicable Adult includes any swimmer that is 18 years of age or older, and so one ACTIONABLE item for all of our swimmers 18 and older (already completed regularly by all of our Team Coaches and Officials):

  • All Applicable Adults (coaches & officials per usual, but now also any USA Swimming athlete member that is 18 or over, including current 18 year old USA Swimming HS swimmers and College Swimmers) must also complete the full 3-part APT (Athlete Protection Training) course hosted online on the USA Swimming websiteThis course must be completed by the swimmer's 18th birthday for any competition times to count in the SWIMS database.  APT requirements and notes on the USA Swimming website HERE


Please take a minute and review our NAAC MAAPP document HERE.