New swim club board

A new board was elected at the annual general meeting June 16. 

The majority of elected officers are returning members. For example, Ebony Duru spent nine years (!!) as club treasure and is now our vice president, and former president Renee Lelievre returns as treasurer. You’ll also notice some families are sacrificing multiple members to keep this club going. 

These volunteers have put a lot of time into this club and as their children grow, new blood is needed. Two positions remain vacant: equipment manager and fundraising coordinator. If you’re interested in taking on either role please let us know and we can talk about what’s involved. Contact: and I’ll forward your request to various board members. 

If you’d like to take on part of a role -- i.e. running one or two fundraisers without taking on all of the fundraising coordinator role, that’s possible too. 

If you’re not interested in helping with the board but are thinking about taking on a bigger role during swim meets, contact Lea Barbosa Leclerc at

Thanks to our outgoing board members: president Steve Thompson, fundraising coordinator JP Boivin, equipment manager Jane Mooney and communications manager Jana Dunn. Your work was appreciated!

Here’s the new board:

  • President- Rémy Leclerc
  • Vice President - Ebony Duru
  • Treasurer - Renee Lelievre
  • Secretary - Meagan Wowk
  • PR/Communications - Sara Minogue
  • Equipment Manager - vacant
  • Fundraising Coordinator - vacant
  • Travel Manager - David Shears
  • Registrar - Carolina Rojas
  • Social Committee - Frances Bower
  • Electronic and Meet Manager - Dean Hendrickson
  • Head Coach - Carol Lockhart
  • Conflict Resolution - Doug Lockhart 
  • Officials Coordinator - Lea Barbosa Leclerc