Welcome to the Blue Squad / Parent Volunteer Information - PLEASE READ

Greetings Blue Squad Parents!

A big welcome to everyone, especially to those of you who are new to LMT and new to the sport of swimming!  As you will quickly learn, the LBSL summer swim program is a fun, fast-paced season.

I wanted to introduce myself as the Blue Squad Volunteer Coordinator. It is my job to make sure that all of our meets are fully staffed with volunteers. As many of you saw at the Mock Meet and/or know from past seasons, it truly takes a village of volunteers to run a successful swim meet. We will need “all hands on deck” this summer!

For the new parents - none of the jobs are extremely difficult and all but a few can be easily learned. Working the meets makes the time fly and is a great way to meet fellow parents. The only jobs to require training are Stroke & Turn Judges (including the Starter/Referee) and the Lead Head Table Worker. Please don't hesitate at any time to ask me, or one of the meet directors questions about a job if you are unsure.

A few important items:

  •  One swimmer in the family = 3 parent meet jobs
  •  Two or more swimmers per family = 4 meet jobs
  •  It is required that parents of swimmers 10 or younger take a turn being a Mouse House Parent (job description on web-site, and we will have instructions at the meets)

Please be aware of the time that your job needs you to arrive and be present.  If you have any concerns, questions, or issues, please call me so we can work to find a solution that works for all involved.  In some extreme cases, swimmers will not be able to swim in the meets if his/her parents are not signed up to volunteer.

Everyone is kindly asked to sign up for volunteer jobs of his/her choice. However, we ask everyone to be flexible, as we may need to move people to fill the more imperative jobs. Additionally, we welcome any parent who is willing to work more than the required number of jobs.

As you read in the email from Coach Kathryn, you need to COMMIT YOUR SWIMMER to each meet and SIGN UP FOR VOLUNTEER POSITIONS, at least 2 days prior to the event.

Log in to the LMT website. Click on EVENTS, and scroll down to the meet (make sure you pick the BLUE meets!). You will see a button to COMMIT your swimmer(s) to the meet and a JOB SIGN UP button.  Please remember that for all Tuesday meets, swimmer commitments and job sign ups are due by midnight of the previous Sunday.  For all Thursday meets, swimmer commitments and job sign ups are due by midnight of the previous Tuesday.  When you sign up for jobs, if you could please include your cell phone numberin the "Optional Contact Info" box, as this will make it easier for me to reach you on the day of the meet if necessary

Our first meet is next Thursday (6/27) at Bryn Athyn and we still have numerous job openings. Please sign up if you are attending and able. Once sign-ups have closed, if anything comes up and you are unable to fulfill your job, PLEASE let me know ASAP by text message so I can find a replacement for you.

When you arrive at each meet, you will need to check your swimmer(s) in with the coaches and all volunteers will need to check in with me/meet directors so we can give you credit for working.  At home meets, we will be set up right in front of the swim office, as you saw at the Mock Meet.  At away meets, we will be set up somewhere in the team area, which will vary based on the pool. I will be wearing a yellow "board member" shirt and a visor, so you can find me.

My contact information is or 267-614-3392 (cell).

I look forward to meeting and working with you all. Thank you in advance for supporting your swimmer's squad.

Sue Deutsch