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Special Message From Head Coach Murray

Special Message From Head Coach Murray Drudge



Dear Members,

The NYAC registration is open now for the 2019-20 season. Next year is an Olympic year and as usual, a special year for everyone to be at their best.

The coaching staff has been carefully placing each and every swimmer into our group structure. We take into account age, ability to train, skill level, and most importantly, attendance. Our goal is to make sure each swimmer is placed accordingly and will thrive in the environment most suited for their level of maturation.

Questions about your athlete's placement can be directed to Coach Eddie, please remember that the aforementioned criteria is the priority and many hours were spent to make our decision.

The Coaching roster is still being completed so we ask for your patience. There will be some changes in order to maximize staff expertise and the delivery to the swimmers. The hiring and placement of all coaches is made with one priority in mind, I ask myself, is this in the best interest of the swimmer? Can they deliver the standards and expectations of what NYAC stands for? Can they impact the swimmer with their enthusiasm and inspire them to new heights?

For all our coaches and swimmers, what a great year we have had with more to come this summer. Club goals again have been achieved with Top 5 Team placing both Regionally and Provincially. NYAC won both Central Region B & C recently and our Festival Team won best Club Freestyle award.

Nationally, we are one of only a handful of club teams that produce swimmers on Junior and Senior World Teams this year. Congratulations, all of us can be proud.

Finally, a note of thanks for the tremendous effort of Leela D’Cruz in her brand new role as General Manager. The coaches greatly appreciate her professionalism and organizational skills; both have been invaluable in the office and in her communications with myself and Eddy.

Register today!


Coach Murray