Congratulations to the Orinda Aquatics Class of 2019!

The Orinda Aquatics Class of 2019 has already begun to spread their wings throughout the country. We wish them success and happiness in the next stage of their life journeys. We will miss all of you - you’ll leave a huge hole on our team! Please come back to visit - and to swim! Never forget your roots. #characterfirst

Alec Baker - Bucknell University, swimming

Will Barber - Colorado College, swimming

Andrew Devlin - University of California at Santa Barbara

Nicole Edwards - California Polytechnical University, club swimming

Eloise Engs - University of California at Davis, swimming

Harry Flanders - Indiana University, swimming

Lizzy Follmer - Northwestern University, swimming

Emily Gebhardt - San Diego State University, swimming

Kassy Gregory - Soka University, swimming

Paige Hanley - University of Iowa, swimming

Andy Kang - United States Naval Academy

Camille Killeen, University of California at Los Angeles, club swimming

Alec Kong, Dartmouth College, swimming

Matt Lanzara - Trinity University, swimming
Anna Le-Nguyen, University of California at Davis
Ashleigh Loney - Chapman University, swimming
Isaac Lopez - University of California at Santa Cruz, swimming
Mason Loyet - Carnegie Mellon University, swimming

Jackson Masson - Whitman College, swimming

Daniela Moroz - University of Hawaii, sailing

Simone Ostler - Texas Christian University

Sean Percin - Georgetown University, swimming

Gaby Rego - Westmont College, swimming

Arman Saghafi - California State University at Long Beach, club swimming

Serena Siow - San Jose State University

Bernave Twyman - Clark University, swimming

Cristian Twyman - Providence College, swimming

Camille Valvur - New York University, swimming

Charlotte Wu - Diablo Valley College, swimming

Richard Zhang - University of Southern California, club swimming