Sharkbyte - Further Info on Guest Fee, a Renovation Update, and a BIG THANK YOU!
Guest Fee - Further Clarification:
In response to the questions and feedback received from the Sharkbyte dated June 15th notifying our members of the Board’s decision to raise guest fees, we wanted to provide some clarification around this decision.  We understand this is a significant increase and a decision we did not take lightly. There has been a substantial surge in guest use this year and one of the primary drivers of the increase was to preserve the membership for dues paying members.  We also researched other pools in our area to determine how our fees align and we were well below all of them.  We hope a fee that is more in line with other pools will reduce the risk of overcrowding and provide our members with a more enjoyable experience. With the rise in guest use we have had an increased demand on the pool facilities, pool expenses, member complaints and negative behaviors. We felt a Guest Fee increase was the first change, hoping a more significant change and restriction of our guest member policies will not be required.  In our decision, after over 20 years of no guest fee increase, we reviewed the cost of other pools in the neighborhood/league and chose fees below the average. Other pool fees are listed below.


Kent $8 

Gregory $3

Olympic View $5

Arbor $5

Marine Hills $6

Lakeridge $7.50

Renovation Update:

The renovation is moving along very well. We have submitted our plans to the City of Normandy Park and we are optimistic we will have our building permits very soon.  Our architects at McNelis are working closely with our contractor, Mallet Design Build, to finalize drawings and costs so we are ready to begin construction on schedule in early September.  


It is with gratitude and thanks that we recognize our generous Associate Members who have contributed additional money to help pay for this exciting project.  

Carol and Jerry Heigh

Sally and Allan Walton

Marilyn Eldrenkamp

Mark Benedum & Lynel Westby     

Christopher Mennella

Jacob Pochepan

Michele Thompson

John & Holly Moore

Ralph & M. Lynn Davis

James & Janet Coleman

Judith & Larry Williams

Teresa & Arthur Pond

Kathleen & John Hughes

James & Rebecca Varnell

Susan Fitzpatrick

Richard & Sue Couper

Lewis & Leslie Ann Thomson

Jerry and Shirley Farris  

Please look for additional fundraising opportunities in the near future.  We are fortunate to have such a giving community at NPSC!