Auburn's Richard Quick Invitational

A U B U R N ,  A L - More than 40 swimmers traveled to Auburn University for Auburn Aquatics' annual Richard Quick Invitational. Even with just one day of racing behind us, McC/GPS has had huge swims, great times, and many cuts. 


   McC/GPS grad Luke Massey, who is currently at school and swimming with University of Tennessee, made his first Olympic Trials cut in the 100 Breaststroke. He swam a 1:02.42 in prelims to achieve the qualifying cut time by over a second. Luke is back in Chattanooga for the summer and training with us, and we are so proud of him, and can't wait for him to compete in Omaha next summer. 
Ellie Taliaferro broke a 15 year old record (held by current coach Sarah Burns Bernard) in the SR girls 200 FR with a 2:07.08.

Congrats to Reeder Williamson, for making his 1st SE cut today in the SR boys 50 Free &100 BK!!

Congrats to Jackson Hunt, for making his 1st SE cut in the Sr boys 50 Free & 100 Back!

Congrats to Aubrey Daniels, for makiner her 1st SE cut in the 11-12 girls 50 Breast!

Frances Bohner - 11-12 400 FR
Lily Parr - SR 100 BK (B cut)



13 & OVERS      
50 Fly      
Jillian Cantrell (12th) Amelia Wills (23rd) Lily Parr (29th) Allie Ochel (45th)
Pierce Lively (29th) Caled Alameddine (43rd)    
200 FR      
Ellie Taliaferro (12th) Will Jackson (12th) Sam Powe (19th)  
100 BR      
Jillian Cantrell (19th) Megan Hanson (27th) Brighton Smith (33rd) Ethan Bevill (34th)
Luke Massey (2nd) Pierce Lively (20th) Reece Gallagher (23rd) Ian Frakes (30th)
100 BK      
Ellie Taliaferro (6th) Emma Scruggs (7th) Jillian Cantrell (42nd) Davina Sharma (43rd)
400 IM      
Emma Scruggs (8th) Belle Flasch (29th) Reece Gallagher (23rd)  
12 & UNDERS      
50 FR      
Adelaide Bond (5th) Nolan Bernard (5th) Zach Schurr (7th) Ben Flasch (8th)
Logan Caroll (11th)      
400 FR      
Frances Bohner (11th) Henry Flasch (3rd)  Logan Carroll (10th)  


200 Free - Ellie Taliaferro 12th, Davina Sharma 51st, Megan Hanson, Brighton Smith, Belle Flasch, Allie Ochel, Madeline Bond, Katherine Johnson, Emmy Richey, Keller Williamson, Will Jackson 12th, Sam Powe 19th, Ethan Bevill, Ian Frakes, Max Ransom, Jacob McDaniel, Reeder Williamson, Drew Bond, Caled Alameddine

100 Breast - Jillian Catrell 19th, Megan Hanson 27th, Brighton Smith 33rd,  Luke Massey 1st, Pierce Lively 20th, Reece Gallagher 23rd, Ian Frakes 30th, Ethan Bevill 34th, Drew Bond, Ben Bevill

100 Back - Ellie Taliaferro 6th, Emma Scruggs 7th, Jillian Cantrell 42nd, Davina Sharma 43rd, Lily Parr 51st, Emmy Richey, Katherine Johnson, Madeline Bond, Amelia Wills, Keller Williamson, Teagan Tobias, Sam Powe 6th, Jacob McDaniel 29th, Reeder Williamson 41st, Caled Alameddine, Ben Bevill

400 IM - Emma Scruggs 8th, Belle Flasch 29th, Reece Gallagher 23rd, Max Ransom, Will Jackson


Saturday Prelims

50 Back - Jillian Cantrell 20th, Lily Parr 25th, Keller Williamson 43rd, Madeline Bond, Emmy Richey, Katherine Johnson, Teagan Tobias, Taj Goodman

             Reece Gallagher 7th, Jackson Hunt 17th, Caled Alameddine 21st

200 Fly - Emma Scruggs 18th, Belle Flasch 38th

              Ethan Bevill 38th, Max Ransom 39th

50 Free - Ellie Taliaferro 7th, Lily Parr 35th, Davina Sharma, Megan Hanson, Allie Ochel, Madeline Bond, Amelia Wills, Keller Williamson, Emmy Richey, Katherine Johnson, Teagan Tobias, Taj Goodman

               Will Jackson 16th, Reece Gallagher 28th, Jacob McDaniel 39th, Reeder Williamson, Jackson Hunt, Ethan Bevill, Caled Alameddine, Ian Frakes, Ben Bevill

200 Breast - Jillian Cantrell 36th, Megan Hanson 41st, Brighton Smith

                   Luke Massey 6th, Ian Frakes 24th, Pierce Lively 33rd, Ben Bevill

400 Free - Davina Sharma, Allie Ochel, Brighton Smith, Belle Flasch

                Sam Powe 16th, Will Jackson 24th, Jacob McDaniel, Reeder Williamson, Caled Alameddine

Saturday 12 & under

100 Back - Keeley Mountjoy 10th, Molly Ransom 10th, Adelaide Bond 9th, Frances Bohner 12th, Abigial Keener, Lily Bernard, Caroline Bernard

                Nolan Bernard 4th, Zach Schurr 5th, Henry Flasch 8th, Logan Carroll, Tyler Braly

50 Fly - Keeley Mountjoy 3rd, Molly Ransom 11th, Arianna Bond 15th, Frances Bohner 11th, Aubrey Daniels

             Ben Flasch 4th, Zach Schurr 5th, Tyler Braly

100 Breast - Molly Ransom, Arianna Bond, Adelaide Bond 15th, Aubrey Daniels, Abigail Keener, Lily Bernard, Caroline Bernard

                     Henry Flasch 4th, Nolan Bernard 6th, Tyler Braly

200 Free - Keeley Mountjoy 4th, Frances Bohner 9th

                  Henry Flasch 7th, Logan Carroll 12th, Ben Flasch 14th 

Sunday Prelims

50 Breast  - Taj Goodman 44th, Pierce Lively 11th, Ian Frakes 14th

200 Back - Emma Scruggs 4th, Emmy Richey 46th, Davina Sharma 51st

                  Sam Powe 14th, Jacob McDaniel 25th, Jackson Hunt 60th

100 Free - Ellie Taliaferro (New Team Record) 4th, Lily Parr 37th, Megan Hanson 49th, Brighton Smith, Allie Ochel, Davina Sharma, Madeline Bond, Amelia Wills, Keller Williamson, Emmy Richey, Katherine Johnson, Teagan Tobias, Taj Goodman

                Will Jackson 12th, Reece Gallagher 19th, Jacob McDaniel 31st, Max Ransom 37th, Sam Powe 40th, Drew Bond, Jackson Hunt

200 IM - Ellie Taliaferro 2nd, Brighton Smith 26th, Megan Hanson 27th, Emma Scruggs 43rd, Keller Williamson, Katherine Johnson

               Luke Massey 17th, Reece Gallagher 21st, Will Jackson 26th, Ethan Bevill 32nd, Sam Powe 35th, ian Frakes 46th, Pierce Lively, Reeder Williamson

100 Fly - Ellie Taliaferro 6th, Jillian Cantrell 21st, Belle Flasch, Lily Parr, Amelia Wills, Emma Scruggs, Allie Ochel, Madeline Bond, Teagan Tobias

               Ethan Bevill 24th, Max Ransom 31st, Reeder Williamson, Drew Bond

Sunday 12 & under

50 Breast - Arianna Bond, Adelaide Bond 9th, Aubrey Daniels, Abigail Keener, Lily Bernard, Caroline Bernard

                Nolan Bernard 5th, Henry Flasch 6th, Tyler Braly

50 Back  - Molly Ranson 7th, Keeley Mountjoy 10th, Adelaide Bond 2nd, Abigail Keener, Lily Bernard, Caroline Bernard

                Zach Schurr 1st, Nolan Bernard 2nd, Henry Flasch 7th, Logan Carroll 13th, Tyler Braly 

100 Fly - Keeley Mountjoy 2nd, Molly Ransom 5th, Frances Bohner 8th

                Ben Flasch 3rd, Zach Schurr 8th

100 Free - Keeley Mountjoy 5th, Molly Ransom 15th, Frances Bohner 7th, Adelaide Bond, Abigain Keener, Lily Bernard, Caroline Bernard