Missing Meet Ribbons

 Hello Marlin Families,

Coach Amy has shared with me that a number of swimmers are missing their ribbons from last week's meet. Unfortunately we had a shortage of volunteers so we had to pull volunteers from the ribbon table and use them to fill in positions to keep the meet going. We did have a few people pop over to the ribbon table to try to help when they had a minute of a break, but it was very hit and miss. PLEASE BE SURE to volunteer when you or a family member is available. With dual meets of 300-400 swimmers we need a great deal of volunteers to run our meets.

If you have a swimmer who is missing a ribbon and you would like to have it replaced, please e-mail me the following information:

Swimmer name



swim meet (Either Placerville or Orangevale)

I will need to look up the race, get ribbons out of storage, and then fill them out so please give me at least a week to work on these.

Thank you,

Sophia Trotter-Goetze

CBM Computer Operator