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Iguanas Weekly Update!
  • Summer 2 Swim Team begins tomorrow at Jones Prep we look forward to seeing everyone!
  • Tri Club meets on Thursday this week at our usual Foster location 4:30 PM.
  • Swim team members:Please arrive 15 minutes early for your swims at Jones and be in suit already (bring a change of clothes for after).Enter at 700 S. State St and take the elevator to 7th floor.
  • Note on the Swim Team Registration List below the preferred start times for the Senior, Age Group, and Lessons swimmers. Practices will end at 9 AM with the exception of the novice swimmers that need to attend early session.

Seniors/Silver (7AM)

Bronze 2 (7AM)

Bronze 1/Green (8AM)

Lessons (7 and 8AM)

Liz Barrett

Amalia Ciavarellla

Kacper Axelsson

Zariana Fung (7 AM)

Andrew Chin

Stella Ciavarella

Parker Nykiel

Henry Van Duzor

(8 AM)

Ella Dunning

Olivia Martinez-Mohabir

Simon Van Duzor

Sebastian Van Duzor

(8 AM)

Joey Dunning

Sagha Axelsson

Torin Tamayo


Daria Foster

Tadija Lazic

Tula Tamayo


Ava Gibbs

Anika Lazic

Yan Ting Ng


Ashley Reyes

Tessa Peck-Walden



Abi Leon

Lexi Carbone



Martha Palmentara-Reid




Susan Palmetara-Reid




Sarah Palmetara-Reid




Emma Rusnac




Megan Woelfl




Tamara Zuric




Teresa Tikoo




Jake Uligian




Georgia Pierce