Meet reminders

For those who it will be your first swimming dual meet, some reminders:

  1. Wear competition suit and your gators swim cap (if needed)!
  2. When you arrive, please check in with a coach.  In order to get meets started in time, it is often dependent on knowing if a swimmer is there or not.  
  3. All swimmers events will be posted- often on a fence or the side of a building somewhere.  Often swimmers (the younger ones) will write it on their arm with a sharpie to remind themselves.  It will show what event number, what heat they will swim, then what lane they will be in.  Parents often take pictures of it so they can know when to keep an eye out for their swimmer! Ready bench and a PAC coach will help get your swimmer where they need to be.
  4. Snack stands are open so dont stress over packing snacks and drinks.  
  5. Bring an extra pair of goggles, dont forget flip flops, and at least two towels (or something to sit on)
  6. Try and learn whos in your age group and hang out with them
  7. No balls are allowed in the team area. 
  8. Bring your gator pride!!!  Cheer your teammates on during their heats!  And have a great time!