EMAC: On-The-Horizon 6/24/19

Hello EMAC Families,

It is finally nice to have all the groups out at the Long Course pool for Summer training!  We know with the transition to the outdoor pool schedules have changed.  This is just a reminder that practice is done at 10:00am Monday through Saturday.  If you are running late, please have your swimmer inform the coaching staff as early into practice as possible as we do not want to leave any swimmers alone at the pool.

Parking at Emmaus Community Pool

The Borough has approached the staff in a request to clear up some parking issues at the pool.  Spots reserved in front of the pool itself are for Coaches, Pool Staff, and Borough Maintance.  Please refrain from parking your car in the few spots directly infront of the pool.

The circle by the flag pole is reserved for pick off and drop off only.  The Borough Maintance needs access to their buildings and the ability to move in and out of the park complex withou hinderance.  Please park in the lot down from the pool on the other side of the outside park equipment.  The enterance to this parking area can accessed through the next road entering into the park on the same street.  Please refrain from parking in the drop off area; thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Championship Registration

Championship registration deadlines are approaching fast!  If you have not already done so, please register your swimmer for their championship meets if they wish to attend.  If you are not sure if your swimmer has a cut time for the required meet, feel free to sign them up for the meet and the coaching staff will notify you if they are missing cuts for that meet.  Senior Champs and JO registration will be closed on Wednesday.

Firecracker Meet

A few additional families have asked to be added into the Firecracker file and we were able to accomodate them.  At this point, the Firecracker meet is now closed and no additional entries will be accepted.  Thank you to those who reached out to get their swimmers some additional race experience before champs!


With our Triathlon Team growing in leaps and bounds, there has been some interest among EMAC swim team members in the sport of cycling.  Doug had a meeting with the director at the Velodrome and she offered us a half-price night in June during their international races.  So, on June 28, from 7pm to 10pm EMAC swimmers/triathletes and family members will attend the races at the velodrome. 

Prices will be $5.00 per ticket.  If you plan on attending, please commit to the event using our event commitment page HERE.  If you attend but you do not commit through our page, you will pay the full price.

Summer Meet Recap

It was great seeing all the EMAC swimmers at their summer teams this past week!  Summer league swimming is so important to the growth of our swimmers as individuals that we not only support our athletes in joining one of their local teams, we embrace it.  Coaches Seth, Jason, and Phil enjoyed watching our swimmers compete for their local summer teams.  From what we saw, our EMAC swimmers were confident and fast at their respective meets, and their excitement to compete for their team was a blast to see as well!

Our coaches will be in attendance at the Lehigh Country Club v Alburtis meet this week; if you see us, feel free to say hello!

July will be a busy month, but we will be trying to get some of our coaches out to your Summer League meets to cheer on all our swimmers!  If there are any other meets on your calendar you would like to see one of us at, please feel free to invite us!

Summer League Clinics

EMAC has reached out to all our local summer teams in an effort to offer our time to stop over at your home pools and run a free clinic for all the summer team swimmers!  So far we have heard back from a few of your clubs and are excited to get out to your pools and work on some things that will help prepare you for your summer league champioships.

  • Lehigh - Asked for a Butterfly and Breast stroke day, waiting on confirmation of a date
  • Brookside - Asked for Butterfly/Breast stroke and Starts/Turns.  We will be out in attendance on Wednesday!
  • Macunie - Due to park regulations, our coaches are unable to run a clinic at the Macungie Park.  We are currently seeing if another alternative is available
  • Lower Macungie - Still waiting to hear back from Lower Mac
  • Trident - Are interested in a clinic, waiting on details
  • Alburtis - Still waiting to hear back from Alburtis.

If your swimmer swims for one of our local summer pools and we are still waiting to hear back from your team.  Please feel free to reach out to us as we want to offer our support to everyone!

Fall Registration

This is a reminder that Fall Registration will be opening up in a few weeks.  Please do not miss the active team memember window for registration.  Coach Doug will be sending out registration information shortly.

See you at the pool!