Goodbye Gift For Coach Jack

As I'm sure you all know now, Coach Jack is leaving Lobo at the end of the long course season. Jack has been an amazing coach and mentor to the kids he's worked with in Platinum, and to many others throughout his tenure at Lobo.

As a token of our appreciation for all he's done for our team and our swimmers, we would like to purchase a gift to say thank you and goodbye to him. We would like to comission a quilt for him, made of t-shirts from his career at Lobo, both as a swimmer and a coach. We have priced a quilt for him at $300 by a quilter who works for SkiPro in Arizona and makes these amazing quilts on the side. Jack has agreed to give us the shirts for the quilt.

We are asking for donations to help us with this. Any amount will be gratefully and thankfully recieved. You can catch Julie Phelps, Annette Hashimoto, or Shannon McCabe at practice to donate. 

Thank you in advance!

Lobo Partners