Champs Week Mojo

What's Up Waterdevils!!!,

Congratulations to everyone on an amazing win Saturday versus the Lightning. So many of you stepped up to make a difference in the meet it was unbelievable. Each of you made a contribution in your own way to help win our last dual meet of the season. It was a special day and amazing to watch you as a united group pushing each other toward achieving a major goal. As coaches, we want all the swimmers to know that we value winning the meet far more than winning the hambone relay. Coach Kent compared the two perfectly; the meet is 55 events, the hambone is 1 event, the meet involves 200 swimmers the hambone 10, there is no comparison between the two. Winning the meet is far superior to winning the hambone because it vividly highlights who we are...A TEAM! Let’s take that team success to the next level at Champs this Saturday. The season is not over at all, time to put all of our energy into a great showing versus the entire league on Saturday.

Lots going on this week, so please read everything below…

-- This is our last big week to show what a great season we’ve had this year. Champs is on Saturday (morning for 10 and Under, afternoon for 11 and Up). We expect all Waterdevils to participate this year. No matter your speed or your age this is a great last meet to challenge yourself to get faster one last time and compete against all of the other teams in the Marin Swim League. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE MEET NOW. Coach Chris is making the lineup Monday and Tuesday.

-- Practice continues on our summer schedule only for swimmers attending the Championship Meet.

-- Special Events this week include: Teen Paddle Party (Tuesday midday), Pancake Dinner (Thursday during evening practice time), Awards Night (Sunday late afternoon). Be sure to read all team communications this week to be totally informed.

We strongly encourage everyone to fully participate in the activities this last week of the season. There are still lots of ways to be involved in the fun this week so we can’t wait to see you.

Chris, Kent, and Barb