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Minor Athlete Protection Policy (MAPP0

There is a new mandate for training and policies from USA swimming/IN swimming effective called MAPP (Minor athlete protection policy).  Most all of this was already in place and has been for a long time.  The biggest change is that all athletes 18 and over are now going to be required to take Athlete Protection Training (APT) to practice or compete.   The three-part training that is required and is the same is required of our coaches and chaperones.  Below is the link to APT for adult athletes and the explanation.  This is required annually, and can be taken ahead of their 18th birthday, which I would strongly recommend if your swimmer would turn 18 during short or long course swim season.  I would recommend doing it in the summer right after long course season.      There is no grace for completing this according to what I have read.  If you wish to read the new and revamped mandate the link if below.  There are a few other parts to this we will address during the start of short course season and be including in our registration process.