News and Notes

News and Notes

FCYST is sending 4 swimmers, Gabby LeCaptain, Alliyah Lima, Evie Lima and Ada Schaefer to the 2019 WI/IL Open Water State Championship this Thursday down in Pleasant Prairie.  All 4 swimmers had to qualify for this race and will be swimming a 3K around Lake Andrea.  Best of luck girls and have so much FUN! 

A few new, very important items have been added to News and Notes this week.  Please continue to read through to stay updated on all that is going on with FCYST!  If you have any questions, please reach out to John, Melinda or Elizabeth. 



-Practice Changes:  Please note the changes in our practice schedule over the next few weeks: 

  • Thursday, July 4:  No practices!  Have a happy and safe 4th of July!
  • Friday and Saturday, July 5-6:  No practices-Bird Bath Invite!
  • Monday, July 8:  No practice for any of our groups as we recover from the Bird Bath.
  • Saturday, July 13:  No practices, FCYST is going to Camp!

-Bird Bath HELP NEEDED:  FCYST hosts the largest outdoor swim meet in the State!  We are only able to do so with the amazing help of ALL our families!  The revenue we generate from hosting swim meets benefits ALL our swimmers and families!  In order to run a successful Bird Bath, FCYST needs about 220+ volunteers throughout the 3 day event!  The job sign up has been posted to our website and has MANY openings yet.  If your family has already fulfilled the 4 mandatory job responsibilities but are free to sign up for additional jobs, we would be extremely grateful! 

Our outstanding Concession Stand at Bird Bath has generated $1000s in revenue for our team in the past!  We cannot provide the healthy, nutrition items without the donations from our families.  The Concession Donation sign up has been posted to our website as well and has many open slots!

Please take the time to commit to jobs and concession items today!  Families who do not meet the mandatory Service Requirement (4 meet jobs, 1 set up or tear down and 2 concession donations, as agreed upon during registration, will be billed $200.  FCYST prefers and needs your help, not your money.  Any individual 12 years of age or older can volunteer.  Volunteering is a great way to meet new friendly people, have fun and give back to the sport your child loves!  Admission will be FREE to individuals volunteering during that session. 

-Bird Bath Invitational Theme Days:  For as long as I can remember, each day of the Bird Bath has always had a “theme”.  The team with the most participation and creativity will be awarded the Spirit Trophy!  FCYST is currently the reining Spirit Champions with our Trophy proudly on display in the Office.  We have already had several team say they plan on taking the Trophy from us this year.  We cannot let that happen!  We need everyone’s help to keep the Spirit Trophy with our team.  Swimmers, families and friends are encouraged to participate in the fun of the Bird Bath Spirit!  Below are the Themes for each day, please start planning!  Have fun being creative!!  A picture of Coach Scott accepting the Trophy last year and a few pictures from last year's Theme Days is included in this News and Notes.

  • Friday – “Red, White and Blue” – Here’s another chance to wear your Independence best (after all it’s the day after the 4th)
  • Saturday – “70’s” – Strut your disco stuff as we salute the 1970’s
  • Sunday – “Christmas In July” – Back by popular demand, an oldie but a goodie

-Camp Nan A Bo Sho, July 12-14:   All FCYST swimmers have the awesome opportunity to attend Camp Nan A Bo Sho again this summer!  We have changed it up a bit from last year and will be adding another day, attending over an entire weekend and will have the Camp to ourselves!  We had so much fun last summer forming new relationships, strengthening current ones, and being a team, all while enjoying all the wonderful things Camp has to offer.  Camp Nan A Bo Sho is located in Lakewood, WI.  Swimmers will take a bus to and from Camp.  More information is posted to our website along with the Sign Up.  Cost will be $95 and billed to your team account just like Swim Meets.  We are really excited to have the weekend at Camp for just our Team and are looking forward to as many swimmers as possible to attend.  HERE is a link to the Camp website to view all the cool opportunities we will have while there and learn more about the Camp.  Deadline to commit is Monday, July 1!  Sign up today!!!!  The more swimmers we have attend, the more fun we will all have!

***If cost is an issue and preventing you from sending your swimmer, please contact the swim team office and we will do our best to work with you so your swimmer can attend.  This is a really cool opportunity and we want all swimmers who want to attend to have the awesome opportunity to experience Y Camp with their FCYST teammates!

-End of the Year USA State Cookout and Pool Party, July 24:  To celebrate the FCYST swimmers who qualified and are attending Long Course USA State this season, we have planned a Cookout and Pool Party at Erb for all FCYST swimmers and their families!  This fun team party will take place on July 24.  We will cookout, hamburgers and hotdogs, in the Pavilion starting at 6:30pm.  FCYST will provide the meat, buns, plates, napkins and utensils.  We ask that all attending families sign up to bring a dish to pass.  The meter pool, slides and kid pool will open at 8:15pm and remain open until 9:15pm.  Sign up is posted to our website.  This is for all FCYST swimmers and families.  Come and help us congratulate our State Teams and send them off with lots of luck! 

-Upcoming Deadlines:  Please note the deadlines to commit to the following meets/events. 

  • Bird Bath Invitational (team hosted meet), July 5-7:  Deadline to commit is 6/27.
  • Camp Nan A Bo Sho, July 12-14:  Deadline to commit to attend is July 1.
  • Fond du Lac Sunset on Summer, Last Chance Meet, July 20-21:  Deadline to commit is 7/11.

-MAAPP/SafeSport:  All active accounts received an email today regarding a new SafeSport policy, the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP).   The US Center for SafeSport is the governing authority for all SafeSport policies (and enforcements) for all sports within the Olympic and Para-Olympic movements.  The Center oversees all national governing bodies, including USA Swimming, for compliance with SafeSport policies and best practices.  

This year, The Center implemented additional procedures to further safeguard our athletes.  One of the new procedures requires that all members who are 18 and older who have interaction with minor athletes (this includes athletes, all (both) parents, coaches, officials and other Applicable Adults) must affirm/sign their agreement to MAAPP, the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.  MAAPP will apply to all adults who interact with and have direct and frequent contact with minor athletes, including adult athletes.  The language used in the policy is Applicaple Adults.  All Applicable Adults will be required to follow MAAPP.

We need all our family members and swimmers who are 18 years of age or older to register online to affirm/sign their agreement to MAAPP at your earliest convenience.  The process only takes a few minutes and is quite easy.  This will be part of our registration process in the future.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Coach Elizabeth.



-Weather Cancellation Policy:  Our weather policy is to cancel outdoor practices and possibly indoor Y facility practices in the event of thunder or lightning or if the parks or Y Staff say conditions are not safe for us to swim.  If this occurs in the middle of practice, FCYST coaches will remain with swimmers until either conditions improve and we return to the pool or all swimmer are picked up.  We will send out a cancellation notification via email, Facebook and a posting on the team website in the News section by 5:20am for 6:00am practice or by 7:00am for 8:00am practices.  No notification means practice is still on.  We do our best to practice whenever possible.  Rain or cold are conditions we will still hold practice in unless it becomes severe.  Some mornings we will have the option of moving practice to Lawrence University for some of our groups, we would include this information in the notification that goes out. 

-Open Swims:  FCYST has lanes reserved every Monday and Wednesday for Open Swim at the Appleton Y from 6-7:30pm.  Open swim times are an excellent opportunity for our swimmers to come and work on whatever they want and have a coach on deck to supervise and help as needed.  All FCYST swimmers are encouraged to attend.