Summer State relocation


As most of you are aware Gillette had some issues with leaks and had contractors come in numerous times. Each time after they worked on the pool, at least 3 times to my knowledge, they still found cracks when filling it.  The last time was last weekend. On Tuesday Phil met with contractors to assess the situation and then contacted ,e and gave me the bad news. Iit was decided that the pool needs more than just a patch here and there and would not be ready. 
During this time of uncertainty regarding the Gillette facility, I made contact with representatives of 3 LCM facilities and then presented the BOD with the 3 long course options in case the Gillette pool was not ready. (USA Swimming Rule 205.8 .2  Two meets shall be conducted annually, short course and long course where such facilities are available.)  I asked the BOD to send me their votes which they did.
The facilities that were considered:
Buffalo, WY emailed me about hosting but could not have it on the weekend the  WY Champs were scheduled.
EPIC in Ft Collins,CO -  Their pool is indoors, but their bid was more than twice that of Rapid City
Rapid City- Roosevelt Swim Center, 125 Waterloo, Rapid City, SD
New 10 lane 50M pool, Blocks and pads at both ends and 2 lanes in the indoor pool for warmup and cool down. Running the meet in 10 lanes instead of 8 will help the meet go faster.  Swimmers will still be able to cool down inside in the 25yd pool.
Until I had a written agreement, I did not want to send out info for fear families would make reservations that they could not cancel.  I now have a written agreement.
Rapid City Racers own the timing system and scoreboard and have agreed to allow us to rent it as well as their tents and chairs and tables for the timers and score tables. They will also be set it all up Wednesday to be ready on Thursday evening for a walk-through by meet staff. On Sunday they will take it all down.
The facility manager will coordinate with Rapid City Racers and local food trucks and arrange for them to be in the parking lot so we do not need to organize concessions. 
The facility manager is also contacting the Convention and Visitors Board to have rooms blocked at a discount.  I will send that info as soon as I receive it.
Cindy O'Dwyer will be the meet director and will do entries.
The meet info will need to be updated and sanctioned by South Dakota. (USA Rule). I spoke with Joel Kincart, General Chair for SD today and he has provided many names and good advice and said he would help us get it started.
There will only be 3 sets of small bleachers.  Swimmers are encouraged to bring tents and lawn chairs which may be set up inside or outside the fence but not on the cement pad surrounding the pool.  Inside the fence is for swimmer tents only. Spectators should set up their tents outside the fence.  Spectators will be allowed to enter the grassy area inside the fence to watch their swimmer(s)' events.  Spectators who are not timing must set up their tents outside the fence.  Inside the fence is for swimmer tents only. There will be separate gates for swimmers entrance and spectators entrance.
I know that some, including my own team (8hr32min drive), will have a longer trip than if they were going to Gillette or to Ft Collins, but let's all work together to make this a success.  The oudoor swimming will be provide experience for those who are attending Zones and the other higher level meets this summer.
Thanks to all those who gave input and advice in this process.  
Cindy O'Dwyer