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Silent Auction Baskets Needed!

Dear Families

We are asking age group parents to work with  families in their age group and put together a silent auction basket for the Banquet this year.  Please reach out to your kids age group parents and let them know what your family can donate for the basket. Each age group basket will have a theme, to be determined by your group.  Please note we are a non-profit and will send a donation letter for tax purposes!   Please provide your age group parent any business and contact info that we need to send thank you notes to!  I have included a list of the age group parents below for your reference.  13/14 and 15&U do not have an age group parents.  We are asking for a parent volunteer for each group to coordinate with the group and put together a basket.  We will update those groups when we get the parent volunteers.  Thank you for your help!  This is a fun part of our banquet each year and we are excite to see what our different groups come up with!!

6&U – Rebecca Michalski, Julie Mills, Liana Caudill

7/8 girls – Kira Eade, Kathleen Weinstein, Kaylynn White, Molly Feretti

7/8 boys – Julie Kinhart, Megan Passo, Sarah Evans

9/10 girls – Emily Cathell, Tracy Caimi, Kristy Haley, Aimee Rupple

9/10 Boys – Cynthia Betterson, Molly Fulco, Missy Detwiler

11/12 girls – Tanya Miller, Linsey Parker

11/12 boys – Job/Lori Vetock, Kristie St. Pierre

13/14 girls- TBD parent volunteer needed

13/14 boys- Nina Stearn

15 &u girls- TBD parent volunteer needed

15 &u boys- TBD parent volunteer needed