El Monte Aquatics Center down for remainder of week

Good afternoon El Monte Parents and athletes,

The pool heater will continue to be down for the remainder of the week. I will be in contact with the El Monte Aquatics Center management to confirm when the heat will be sufficient for our athletes to train safely.

I hope you understand our desire to be in the water as soon as possible, however, our hands are tied.

Again, we encourage you to continue to train at our other facilities. Unlike most clubs when a pool goes down, we have options to remain in the water!

Below are the group times and locations at the other facilities,


Bronze: MHS 5-7pm
Silver: MHS 5-7pm
Gold: NSJ 6-8pm
SD: NSJ 5:30-8:30pm


We hope to get you back into El Monte as quickly as we can!


MAX Coaching Staff