SHARK NEWS #29: Meet Sheet (Final) and 13+ Lock-in

SHARK NEWS #29:  Meet Sheet (Final) and 13+ Lock-in

Meet Sheet – Mosby Woods

Attached is the final meet sheet for Saturday’s meet at CCH.  If your swimmer’s name is on the meet sheet, please plan to be at CCH no later than 7:45 AM as CCH has first warm-up. 

This week’s theme:  HAWAIIAN!   Wear your flowered shirts and grass skirts, and get into the spirit of our 50th state.  Mahalo! 


13+ Lock-in

Saturday night, June 29th, the 13+ crowd takes over CCH for their annual lock-in.  If you are planning to participate, please remember to pre-register and have all forms signed.  If you need these items, please contact Michelle Roth at . Do not wait until the last minute!  This is available only to 13+ age group swimmers.  Please do not bring friends unless they are registered members of the swim team.  The pool will close at its usual time of 9:00 PM except for those swimmers authorized to participate.  Once the gates lock, we will set loose ferocious attack dogs to patrol the perimeter of the pool and make sure our rowdy bunch of 13+ year old swimmers don’t escape, so those of you in the Old Lee Hills development can rest easy.  [Note:  Statements in green text are not true].    


Fun Friday 

Reminder:  No Fun Friday tonight.  Come to Rock-The-Block in Fairfax City and look for your CCH Teammates! 





Please support our team sponsors for the 2019 season:  

Dynamic Integrations Wellness, 1305 Vincent Place, McLean VA 22101, []  

Souls & Feet, City of Fairfax, [ ] 

NoVA Orthodontics, 10875 Main Street, Fairfax VA 22030  [

PJ Skidoos,  9908 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030 [

Glory Days Grill,  3059 Nutley Street, Fairfax, VA 22031 [

Sandy Spring Bank, 9910 Main St, Fairfax VA 22031  []      

29 Diner, 10536 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030 [ ] 

Swim Outlet,

See the signage next to the Swim Team posting board at the pool for more information.  Business cards also available at the front desk.  They support us, so please consider patronizing our Sponsors.