GMA New Team Policies Adopted - USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention

Dear GMA Families,

We are thrilled to continue another month of long course training, long course racing and our USA Swimming summer focus with YOU!  Thank you for being the foundation of our GMA team!!  As a year-round USA Swimming club, we want to be sure that you are all aware that USA Swimming announced an enhanced set of Safe Sport policies on April 29, 2019, collectively called the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (“MAAPP”). The changes stem from requirements imposed on USA Swimming by the U.S. Center for SafeSport.  The changes are required for member clubs and LSCs. The changes have been implemented by GMA and by New England Swimming, as required, as of June 23, 2019.

It is important to note that a number of these policy changes have changed the way that we conduct business as a member of New England and USA Swimming. While some of the changes may be inconvenient, we know that there is no greater priority for us as a team than the health, safety, and well-being of our athletes. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us all to adapt our practices to create the appropriate boundaries these polices seek to establish.

The biggest changes for us are as follows:

  1. There will be no one-on-one communication between GMA coaches and minor athletes.  All e-mails and text messages sent from a coach to a minor athlete will include a parent on the communications.  For now, GMA coaches have chosen to utilize this communication policy even with athletes who are 18 and older.  We will include a parent on our e-mail and text messages to athletes aged 18 and older of who reside at home with their parents during the current season.  At GMA, our approach is to be athlete-focused, coach-driven and parent-supported.  As such, it only makes sense for our communications outside of the pool to include parents, swimmers and coaches.  Once an athlete attends college and is under the direction and guidance of the NCCA, a college athletic department and the college coaching staff, GMA coaches and 18 and older athletes may decide to communicate one-on-one via e-mail and/or text messaging.


  1. E-mails and text messages between coaches, athletes and parents will be limited to the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM.

Please click HERE to view the MAAPP page on the USA Swimming website

Please click HERE to view the MAAPP Full Policy

Starting in August of 2019, GMA will include the full MAAPP policy in our team policy agreements at the start of each registration season.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Many thanks and see you at the pool soon!


Laura Matuszak, GMA Head Coach