Awards for 2018-2019 Season

Thank you to all who came out for our annual AGM/Awards Banquet on June 25. It's been an incredible season and we love having the opportunity to celebrate our swimmers for all of their hard work. Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to everyone who made this year so great!


These swimmers successfully swam in their first sanctioned 100 IM this year!

Team Dedication
These swimmers have worked hard for the entire season and their attitudes, work ethic and sportsmanship have lifted the whole time up, challenged their teammates to push harder and they've shown up ready to work hard and do their best.

Top Swim-a-Thon Swimmers
These swimmers swam the most lengths (or completed the swim-a-thon in the fastest time) for their age group. Congratulations!

Fastest Swim-a-Thon
The fastest female and male swimmers to complete the Swim-a-Thon. Congratulations to Taylor Fitzgerald and Jadyn Johnston!

Club Records
Swimmers who have broken a club record - or many! - this year. We were also fortunate to have Jennifer Reedman (Radolla) and Katie Judd (Blewett) hand out these awards - many of their long-standing records were broken this year by our current swimmers.

Rookie of the Year
Congratulations to our runner up Phoenix Stafford (not pictured) and our winner Dexi Stewart!

Most Best Times
Congratulations to runner-up Braedi Hamar and winner Gabby Knox for the most best times for the season!

Top 10 and Under Swimmers
Way to go Emma-Grace MacDonald and Andrew Shearer for being our top female and male 10 and under swimmers for the year!

Most Sportsmanlike
One of the most important awards of the evening. Big congratulations to runner-up Jadyn Grant and winner Morgan Langford for being our most sportsmanlike swimmers!

Most Inspirational
A new award this year, this athlete has inspired her teammates and coaches alike with her incredible perseverance, attitude and spirit. Congratulations Peyton Bailey!

Most Improved
Congratulations to our Most Improved Juniors and Seniors - Ethan Butt, Holly Frost, Aliya Grant and Braedi Hamar!

Hardest Trainer
Congratulations to our Hardest Trainer Juniors and Seniors: Ashtynn Cullum, Melissa Elefson, Jordyn Stokes and Gabby Knox!

Team Spirit
This award goes to swimmers who have demonstrated excellent team spirit - they are always willing to volunteer to lend a hand for events and help their teammates and coaches at practices.

Swimmers of the Year!
For the first time ever, we have awarded a male Swimmer of the Year and a female Swimmer of the Year. These two swimmers have had incredible swims this season and qualified for multiple races at top-level meets. Congratulations to Jadyn Johnston and Taylor Fitzgerald!


Once again, thank you to everyone who made this season so successful! We can't wait to see you all again in the fall!