Teaching Tuesday: ISL Team New York Breakers

Our last ISL team is the New York Breakers! The NY Breakers are thrilled to announce their roster for the International Swimming League (ISL)'s 2019 season.

Tina Andrew, General Manager of NY Breakers, says, "Coming from all over the world, but with a distinct New Yorker character, our team is unashamedly focused on changing swimming for the better.  We will empower future generations of swimmers and making this a sport that fulfills its true potential."

The NY Breakers mission is to establish a winning culture. They we will do that by rewriting the playbook for pro swimming and provide a highly competitive professional swim team. Character and personhood will be valued on the same scale as performance. The NY Breakers athletes and coaches are motivated by a higher purpose than self; and as a NY Breaker, the words 'team' and 'family' are used interchangeably.

Signed to New York Breakers:

Michael Andrew

Breeja Larson

Haley Black

Clyde Lewis

Marcelo Chierighini

Justin Lynch

Mack Darragh

Jack McLoughlin

João de Lucca

Lia Neal

Ali DeLoof

Emily Overholt

Catie DeLoof

Jacob Pebley

Gabby DeLoof

Christoper Reid

Emily Escobedo

Pedro Spajari

Reva Foos

Brad Tandy

Jonathan Gomez

Alys Thomas

Lara Grangeon

Markus Thormeyer

Marco Koch

Madison Wilson

Marius Kusch