Bird Bath Meet Information

Bird Bath Invitational Meet Information

Our second team hosted meet is the largest outdoor swim meet in the Midwest!  It’s Bird Bath week FCYST!  It’s going to be an amazing weekend for our team, all visiting teams, friends and families!  Thank you so much to all our wonderful FCYST families and volunteers!  Without the help of each and every one of you, this meet would never be possible.  If at any point a question about the meet should arise, please look for an individual wearing an FCYST shirt and they should be able to help or direct you to the correct person.  There is a lot of information in this email, so please read carefully.

Please double check the Concession Donation Sign Up and make sure donations are dropped off on the correct date, location and during the requested times.  Please also check the Volunteer Job Sign Up to make sure you are at the correct location by the required time.  Some of the times for certain jobs have been adjusted after the timeline for the meet was finalized, so please double check the times you are needed!  Remember that in order to receive credit for volunteering, you will need to check in at the Volunteer Check-In Table before going to your post.  The Volunteer Check-In Table will be in the pool lobby area.  We are still in need of help during the meet.  If you, a family member or friend is available to help fill any open slots, please have them stop by the Volunteer Table!  Thanks again for all the help in making this meet a success!

There will be an admission fee for all spectators who are not volunteering in that session.  Spectators 12 & under will be free.  Admission for spectators 13 & over will be $5/day with a max of $10/day/family or $20 for a family weekend pass. 

Warm Up Times:  Please make sure swimmers are on the pool deck ready to begin warm ups with their events already written on their arms prior to the times requested.  FCYST will be warming up as a team and we need everyone ready by the requested times to make that possible.  Please note that Sharpie does come off with the use of sunscreen, so please plan on rewriting events throughout the meet.

Friday Afternoon:             10:45 AM

Friday Evening:                1:45 PM

Saturday Morning:           6:50 AM

Saturday Afternoon:        11:50 AM

Sunday Morning:              6:50 AM

Sunday Afternoon:          12:20 PM

Heat Sheets:  HERE is the link to the heat sheets for you to print off prior to the swim meet, only a limited number will be available for sale during the meet.  Heat Sheets for Friday Afternoon will be completed after positive check in has ended.  The 800 Free on Friday Evening will be a positive check in event as well and will be seeded after check in has passed. 

Theme Days:  FCYST is currently the reining Spirit Champions and we need the help from all our swimmers and families to keep the Spirit Trophy here at FCYST, where it belongs. 

  • Friday, July 5: “Red, White and Blue” - Here’s another chance to wear your Independence best
  • Saturday, July 6: “70’s” - Strut your disco stuff as we salute the 1970’s
  • Sunday, July 7: “Christmas in July” - Back by popular demand, an oldie but a goodie

There are bleachers located on the slide side of the pool for spectators.  All spectators must remain on the slide side of the pool or in the park area outside of the pool area.  There will be no spectators allowed on the scoreboard side of the pool, behind the blocks or in the locker rooms or athlete bathrooms per USA Swimming Rules.  Many families will bring tents, canopies and chairs to set up in the park.  Please note that personal items cannot remain in the park overnight. 

Please check out our swim meet website, for a plethora of other important Bird Bath Invitational information. 

Again, thank you so much for all your help this weekend!  If you have any questions, please reach out to either a coach or veteran FCYST family.  It is going to be a fantastic weekend!