BASH update
  1. Practice changes –
    1. AG 1-2 on Wednesday July 3 will swim 5-6 PM, AG 4 swim regular 6-7 PM
    2. Senior 1-2 swim Thursday, July 4 regular 6:20 AM enter via pool gate.
    3. AG 1-2-4 swim normal morning Thursday July 4
    4. NO Afternoon or Evening practices Thursday July 4
    5. Normal practice schedule July 5 and July 6
  2. We finish swim practices next week except for National Swimmers and Zone or JO swimmers. We will get out their practices starting Monday, July 15
  3. We will get the Fall swim team info out soon.
  4. Help us recruit swimmers for the fall, all of our information will be sent to you, along with Try out schedule for NEW SWIMMERS ONLY!