Glenwood Diving: Glenwood vs Tanterra this Sunday (& more)

We might have had a wetter 4th than we’d like but we hope it leads to sunny skies over the weekend! There’s much going on ahead, so read on:

Friday sheets: Morning and afternoon practices continue. Divers are wrapping up their lists and signing sheets.

Sunday practice option: The coaches will be at the pool (10:30-11:30) for divers who would like a quick practice since our week was short between rain, Wed meet, and the holiday.

Glenwood vs Tanterra: On Sunday we welcome Tanterra for our 3rd meet of the season. TA is a smaller team but they pack a punch. Let’s see how it turns out when Tigers take on Tarpons! 12 & unders please plan for 3:00 warm ups. 13-18s plan to arrive by 5:00. Glenwood’s grill will be going strong and the Ice Guys will be on deck!

Team photo: We want to include as many divers as we can! Immediately following 12 & under awards we will QUICKLY line up at the boards for a team photo before 13-18s warm up. We know we’ll be missing some kids but will try some photo magic to add them in. Please help wrangle everyone so we aren’t delaying the 2nd half!

Family dive meet & potluck: Yep, we are still looking for some help here. It’s an easy lift for just about anyone. Your reps would love some help here while we’re working ahead to our remaining events! Let us know who’s game to guide the evening; it’s easy, we promise :-)

Family dive meet & potluck – the event: Thursday, July 11. You won’t want to miss it! Parents dive, kids judge and we all have a great evening. Bring a dish to share at 6:00; our fun-filled “meet” begins ~6:45. Nail that front jump, tuck that flip, or introduce your new favorite dive – it’s all good entertainment!

Awards banquet: Yep, a little help will take the edge off your reps. Let us know who can help us coordinate this important evening!

Got photos? It takes a village to capture this many divers! If you have photos to share for our end-of-season slide show, those can be sent to and are much appreciated! Action as well as candids are are awesome.

Happy 4th!