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Nominations for DV Sharks Board


The DV Sharks Board of Directors is pleased to announce that three board positions are open, President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each position is a two-year term that begins in August 2019. Below are abreviated descriptions. More  information can be found in the  DVST Bylaws .
President. The President will serve as the chief member of the BOD. During recess the BOD shall have general control and management of the DVST business and affairs, except for any powers delegated by the BOD. The President shall act as the intermediary and chief liaison between and among the general membership, BOD, DVCC, and coaches...The President shall preside at all meetings of the DVST BOD and the DVST general membership unless the Vice President is designated to do so by the President in the President’s absence.
Treasurer. The Treasurer shall have primary custody of and maintain detailed records of the DVST bank account and all DVST related financial transactions, unless otherwise determined by the BOD. The Treasurer shall inform the BOD of total receipts specific expenditures, and remaining balances at each regular meeting of the BOD. The Treasurer shall maintain a Reconciliation Detailed Report and a Profit and Loss Statement...The Treasurer shall maintain all required tax records and ensure reports are submitted to appropriate government agencies in a timely manner...The Treasurer will work directly with the bookkeeper.
Secretary. The Secretary shall make and keep minutes of all meetings of the BOD and the general membership using an approved standardized format and the following process...The Secretary shall also maintain a list of all participating DVST members...The Secretary shall maintain a comprehensive record of all documentation generated by the BOD or used by the BOD. The Secretary shall perform other duties as delegated by the BOD.
Nominees and all nominating individuals must be members in good standing. Nominations for open positions will be received until Tuesday, July 15. If more than one individual is nominated for any of the positions, we will post the slate of candidates online and hold the election electronically as we did in previous years. The new board member will be announced at the general membership meeting (end of season awards ceremony). Please email your nominations to Kirsten Ly, Election Committee, at
We'd also like to take the opportunity to offer a special thank you to the current board members serving in these positions. Each have served in different capacities over the past few years. Their knowledge and dedication have been invaluable.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the board or the elections committee.
DV Sharks Board of Directors