Weekly Announcements for week 7/7-7/13
Dear SBSC families,

Practice Schedule
RHS Practice Groups
Group 1 Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-7:30
G1 Elite Monday 5:15-7:30
Group 2 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 5:15-7:30
Group 3 AM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30-9:15, and Friday 7:00-9:15

Group 3 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 5:00-6:30


Practice Notes: No practice at NP until the fall. No practice on Friday evening due to the IA meet. Group 3 athletes preparing for the State Championship will have a slightly altered practice schedule.  The athletes that won't be lifting weights should report to the pool deck at 7:00 on Monday.  All other adjustments will be communicated to those athletes on Monday


Locker Clean Out

Swimmers will need to have all of their belongings out of the locker room by the end of practice on Thursday.  This includes both varsity team rooms.  Any items left behind will be discarded.  All swimmers who use the varsity team rooms will be expected to stay after practice on Thursday morning to help with the clean out.


IA Meet July 12-14 Rolfs Aquatic Center

Our entry is attached.  Here are the pertinent times for this coming weekend's meet.


Friday Distance Session

Doors Open 12:00

Warm-ups 12:30-1:15-our swimmers need to be on deck by 12:15

Meet Starts 1:30


Friday PM Session

Warm-up 12 and under 3:30-4:00-our swimmers need to be on deck by 3:15

Warm-up 13 and over 4:00-4:45-our swimmers need to be on deck by 3:45

Meet Starts 5:00


Saturday and Sunday AM Session-12 and under swimmers

Doors open 7:00

Warm-ups 7:30-8:15-our swimmers need to be on deck by 7:15

Meet Starts 8:30


Saturday and Sunday PM Sessions-13 and over swimmers

Warm-up 11:30-12:15-our swimmers need to be on deck by 11:15

Meet Starts 12:30


Saturday and Sunday 400 Sessions

There will be a 15-20 minute warm-up that will start immediately following the end of the PM session (approximately 3:20 each day).  The events will not start prior to 3:45.


Last Practices of the Season

Here are the last days of practice for each group

Group 1 Tuesday July 30th

Group 2 Friday August 2nd

Group 3 Friday August 2nd-This is subject to change based on swimmer's qualifying for Futures/Juniors


Summer Hours & Entrance into RHS

All swimmers and parents are to enter and exit the building through door #22. This door is on the northwest corner of the building and faces Fellows Street.  There is a stairwell at door #22 that leads to the west entry door of our seating area.  This will be the door we open for parents who choose to stay and watch practice.  At the end of practice swimmers will be directed to leave the building from this door. Please plan on picking up your swimmers from this entrance.


Group 2 Swimmers Attending AM Practices

We allow Group 2 swimmers to attend morning summer workouts based on their age.  11 year old swimmers are allowed to attend once per week, 12 year olds twice, 13 year olds 3 times, and 14 year olds 4 times per week.  Swimmers should have at least one Divisional cut in their age group.  If they do not and would still like to attend they will need to receive permission prior to attending.  Group 2 swimmers that will not be in high school in the fall should arrive at 7:00 Monday-Thursday, and 6:30 on Friday.  We spend the first 40-45 minutes of morning workouts in the weight room except on Friday.  The vast majority of our Group 2 swimmers are not ready for this type of work.  Group 2 swimmers that attend mornings will be charged an additional $15 each month they attend.


IHSAA Moratorium Week July 1st-July 7th
One more day left.  I will be able to communicate regularly with athletes starting tomorrow.

New USA Swimming Guidelines-MAAPP

USA Swimming issued a new directive with regards to electronic communication and social media contact between coaches and athletes.  Most of what is being implemented is common sense and falls in line with our club's policies.  One new requirement we will need to adhere to is how your minor child communicates with me.  For several years I have asked swimmers in Group 2 and Group 3 to text/email me if they would be missing practice.  Moving forward, swimmers will be instructed to include a parent on all communication with me.


If you are the parent of a Group 2 or Group 3 swimmer, and have never sent me a text before, please text me so I have your contact info in my phone.  This way if I need to contact your swimmer about missing practice I can be sure to include you.  My cell phone number is 574-276-6057.


I encourage all parents and swimmers to read the full policy.  We are required to keep this policy on our website, here is the link

Advertising Credit
A Group 2 or Group 3 annual membership plus all the other associated fees with our membership -- spirit wear, meet surcharges, technology fees, concession stand/hospitality fees, USA Swimming-- is approximately $550 for an entire year. (A Group 1 annual membership is about $100 less.)  If you were able to sell two of the Premiere+ adds it could easily pay for a whole year of swimming including meet entry fees!
Selling a one year ad to one company could earn you anywhere from $50 to almost $500. Here is the link for more information. Another easy way to earn credit for your swim club account is to hang our recruiting posters out in the public. For every poster you hang you will receive a $5 credit up to $25. Once you hang the poster post a pic of it on your Facebook page (or other social site) and tag the club.
Spring and Summer Meet Schedule/Dates of Meet/Location/Deadline to commit
Below is our spring/summer meet schedule.  Swimmers wanting to compete will need to commit to those meets.  The deadlines are based on deadlines that were set last year. They may change once the meet hosts posts the meet information.  When committing to multiple day meets please leave a message in the available notes section of what days you would like to attend. Meets marked with an * are meets that require swimmers to meet certain time standards.  All pool locations can be found on our website under the "Pools" tab


CSC Spring Fling/May 3rd-5th/Carmel High School/Our Results
NASA Off the Blocks/May 4th/Northridge High School/Our Results
IA May Invitational/May 10th-12th/Rolfs Aquatic Center, Notre Dame/Our Results
CON BW3 Blazin' Invite/May 31st-June 2nd/Merrifield Pool, Mishawaka/Our Results

*MSC Summer Splash/June 21st-23rd/Munster High School/Our Results
NASA Summer Invite/June 29th/Northridge High School/Our Results
IA Summer Spectacular/July 12th-14th/Rolfs Aquatic Center, Notre Dame/Entry Sent
*IN Senior State Championships/July 18th-21st/IUPUI/Entry Sent-but can be updated/changed this week
*IN Age Group State/July 26th-28th/IUPUI/Entry sent-but can be updated/changed through next week
*IN Summer Divisionals/August 3rd & 4th/commit by July 21st

As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

John VanDriessche
Head Coach
South Bend Swim Club
South Bend Riley High School