Ohio LC Senior Championships - Important Updates

Dear Families & Coaches,

Please see below for an important email regarding the meet:

On behalf of the meet leadership team, I would like to share some very important information with you regarding the meet.  Please read through this information carefully and share with your families who are attending.  Thank you!

Meet Schedule Modifications:

Due to the popularity of this meet and the number of entries received, the start time for warm-ups and finals on Sunday have been changed to match Friday and Saturday to best serve the competing athletes.

Flighting of Prelims/Finals Events:

All individual events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be flighted with the top 6 heats in the A Flight and all subsequent heats in the B Flight. All relays contested in prelims will be in the A Flight in the order indicated in the meet announcement. 

To assist athletes and coaches in planning for the evening session, after the completion of each event in the B Flight and the subsequent 30-minute scratch period, event results will be emailed to coaches.  At the conclusion of the B flight, that evening’s program will also be emailed to coaches.  It is imperative that accurate coach emails (for coaches who are AT the meet) are provided (I will utilize this email distribution, unless advised otherwise).  We will do our best to provide all the information you need to assist in planning with your team.

The psych sheet is attached (click here) and Meet Mobile is active.

Other Helpful Information to Assist in Your Planning:  

The facility will open no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the start of warm-ups.
There will be positive check-in for all relays and events 400 meters and longer. The deadlines are (as listed in the meet information):
     Thursday Relays and 1500 Freestyle - 4:30 PM
     Friday Relays and 400 Freestyle - 8:00 AM
     Saturday Relays and 400 IM - 8:00 AM
Relays cards are due 30 minutes following the start of warm-ups the relay is being contested in. Relays cards can be picked up from the admin table.
Time trials will be offered as indicated in the meet information. They will start no earlier than 20 minutes following the end of the preliminary session ("B" flight). They will last no longer than one hour, however may be less due to the start of warm-ups for finals. Time trials for events 400 meters and above will only be offered on Saturday. Time trial participants must provide their own timer.
Attached is the estimated timeline (which includes start times for the B flights) - (Click here)
Fly-over starts will be used for all preliminary sessions and Thursday's timed final session.
Warm-ups will be open and follow the attached schedule (Click here). Please note, no equipment will be permitted in the competition pool.  The diving well will be closed during warm-ups and will open once the competition begins.
Due to the timeline, there will not be a separate warm-up session for the "B" flight. All athletes are welcome during open warm-ups in the morning and may utilize the diving well prior to the start of each event.  
Timer Assignments  - Click here to sign up
Per the meet information, every team entered in the meet will be assigned timer responsibilities. Each team will be responsible for providing two timers for the lane they are assigned throughout the preliminary session, unless otherwise noted. At finals, teams with athletes participating will be asked to provide timers.