Glenwood Diving: Week of July 8 So. Much.Going.On!

Glenwood Diving: Week of July 8

Wow, thanks to everyone, including the weather gods, for a great meet yesterday! Our divers continue to bring strong dives and show the amazing depth (no pun intended; well maybe) of our team! While the Tarpons took the win 51-39, we showed them what Glenwood’s got, scoring a high number against them. Thanks to all of our volunteers – we continue to shine in efficiency and hospitality (a special shout out to that speed team photo shoot)! Full results are available here:

TA @ GW:



GW @ RC:

Now’s the time to buckle up, we’ve got one packed week ahead (and on through next week)! After that rain this morning, here’s what’s up:


  • Funday continues in afternoon practices


  • Morning and afternoon practices
  • Let’s go to the movies! Along with the Swim team, we’ll see Toy Story 4 at Regal Theaters, Silver Spring. Show time is 1:50pm. Families are responsible for tickets and carpooling and should plan for pick up at 3:50.
  • 6:30 Parent practice with the coaches. While our Thursday meet is FFF - fully for fun, some parents appreciate a little remedial guidance to dust off their best straight jumps, front dives, or maybe a flip! The coaches will be at the boards at 6:30 for constructive coaching and encouragement!


  • Dollar breakfast and regular morning and afternoon practices (the swim meet is away this week). Don’t be a trashy Tiger – please remember to pick up breakfast after effects and deposit them in the trash cans :-)


  • Morning and afternoon practices
  • 6:00 Family dive extravaganza and potluck! Join us at 6:00 and bring a dish to share. Our dive community has grown so much this year, this is a great chance to mingle. Beginning ~6:45 our proud parents can take to the boards and show what we’ve learned watching our divers this season. Kids will be judging (be kind) and leading our meet! Full of fun, dives are up to you! Plenty of awards to celebrate!


  • Morning and afternoon practices, running lists and signing sheets


  • Noon to noon: Swim 4 Tim swim-a-thon. Glenwood gives back! Swim laps any time noon to noon, seek donations and raise funds for the SCF. Flyers will go to divers on Tuesday and are available at the front desk.  
  • 6-10pm Glenwood Annual Family Ice Cream Social and Dance. What is not to love about that?! Music, DJ, and lots of ice cream toppings! Woo hoo!
  • 10pm-6am: S4T overnight for teens 13-18 to continue this important fundraising event. More details will be going out to 13-18s. Just remember - they are diving on Sunday :-0


  • Senior Day at Seven Locks vs Glenwood! We host SL in our final regular meet of the season. Graduating not one or two, but three divers this year, please stick around at the break so that we can celebrate 30 years of Glenwood Diving dedication!