Proposed Bylaws

At the 2018 House of Delegates meeting, USA Swimming voted to update LSC bylaws and provided a model for all LSCs to follow. This is a mandatory change that all LSCs are required to adopt before January 1, 2020. In addition, most of the content is mandated by USA Swimming. However, there are places where the LSC does have a choice in how to proceed. 

The USA model bylaws reduces our current South Texas Swimming version by over 40 pages. Most of this reduction comes from moving all "operational" processes and procedures out of our bylaws and into the Policies and Procedures handbook. The Board of Directors has also been working on revising the South Texas Policies and Procedures document so that it too will fall into alignment with the new bylaws while maintaining the integrity of the operation of South Texas Swimming. The updated Policies and Procedures document will be made available to you for review in advance of the annual House of Delegates meeting. 

It is and has been the goal of the BOD, since day one, to preserve the current governing operations of South Texas Swimming, while at the same time, aligning our operational processes in accordance with the mandatory USA Swimming model bylaws revision.The Board of Directors has been working since October to review, discuss and eventually vote on the parts of the mandatory bylaws revision that allow the LSC to choose an option or fill in the blank. Thank you Jessica Evans for all the work on getting this revision into a manageable, readable format. These "choice" areas are highlighted in GREEN in the attached document. There are also some comments included in the document, to provide some insight into how these decisions were made. The last page of the document includes footnotes which contain guidance from USAS; the footnotes themselves are highlighted in YELLOW within the bylaws. 

It is our hope that all South Texas Swimming members will take a few minutes now to review the Draft Bylaws and bring all questions, comments, and concerns to the attention of the BOD before the end of July 3 1/2 weeks from now. Please remember that the GREEN highlighted areas are places where the LSC may make decisions; all other content is mandated by USA Swimming and is not subject to revision. We want to address all questions, comments, and concerns before the annual House of Delegates meeting, so that the "choices" can be voted on and we can adopt the rest of the mandatory bylaws without needing to add a significant amount of time or days to the HOD meeting or being forced to hold an additional special meeting.

The proposed bylaws can be found on the Governance/Bylaws page of the ST website.

Thank you for your attention.

 Chris Kjeldsen
ST-General Chair