Level 3 Post Season Practice Options

 Level 3 Swimmers Post Season Practice Options

(Even those who didn't swim with us this summer)

  If you're swimming Level 3 with us this summer your last day of practice is July 12.

  However, if you wanted to stay in the water longer to continue on with your training and stroke development please note the following option:

Level 3 Post-Season Training Option
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 6:45-9:00 a.m. July 15 to 26, 2019. Cost is $65/$35*. This can be paid by check or we can charge your account.

If you do full time for the 2 weeks it is $65 but if you are only doing half of the practices it is just $35. ANY Level 3 swimmer who swam with us this past fall, winter, spring or summer may do this even if they didn't swim this summer with us.

There is not online registration for this however. To register, simply email Coach Steve Nye at stevenye@sbcglobal.net that you'd like to do this indicating full time or part time along with your swimmers name and then mail that check (made payable to GCSTO) to the us at GCSTO PO Box 30483, Gahanna, OH 43230 or bring it to practice one day this week. Or you can let me know to charge your team account. Thanks!