Thank you to all the parents who came who attended our annual parent meeting. We were able to vote on new officers. A BIG congratulations to Oliver Tilton for being elected to serve as Vice President. Oliver will be replacing Edie Blankenberg, who served as our VP for the past 2 years (THANK YOU EDIE). And a big congratulations to Ashley Flick for being elected to continue to serve as our Secretary. We are very fortunate to have these dedicated people serving as TFS board members.

There were some parents who were not able to attend last night's meeting and missed the opportunity to hear about important details related to championships.  PLEASE review the files that were emailed and posted on our Facebook page!!!  

As discussed at our meeting, we need every family attending champs to sign up for a minimum of 1 shift. If you are attending champs and did not sign up to volunteer, please go online and sign up now! If you do not sign up to volunteer by Wednesday, July 10, we will assign a shift to you. Go to and log on to your account. Select the "team events" tab then select the "job sign up" tab located underneath the Big Champs event.  The good thing about our assigned volunteer jobs is that all these jobs have great views of the pool.  You WILL GET TO WATCH YOUR SWIMMER in his/her events no matter what job you are assigned to work.  Also as discussed, we will be updating the job sign up list after the league meeting on Wednesday night.  If you are unable to volunteer due to extenuating circumstances, please email us at asap.  

NOTE:  we should have enough parents attending Champs to be able to split up the long Saturday afternoon shift into 2 shifts.  This is a customized schedule for our team only and will break up what would other wise be a very long 5+hour shift.  It will be our responsibility to ensure the 2nd shift workers are on time to relieve the first shift workers.    

Food and drinks will be provided for all families attending Champs and we need your help to stock our team hospitality table. You can sign up to donate food online via the sign up link below. We are always the envy of other teams because we put out such a nice spread of food, snacks, and drinks for our families at championships. Click to donate food:

NOTE:  We need someone who will be driving down on Saturday to sign up to pick up Chick-fil-A for our breakfast shift and another person to pick up for our lunch shift.  Sign up via the link!  

We will be loading the trailer for champs Tuesday July 16th. Bring all of your heavy items (fans, non perishable food, cases of water/drinks, etc.) to the pool office between now and 7/16 to be loaded into the trailer. We will bring heavy items down to champs for you. PLEASE mark your name on everything so we can return them to you later.  Rain day will be Wednesday, July 17th. 

Here are a few more things you need to know:  
  • Our last practice of the year will be Wednesday, 7/17th.  Coaches will be at 6 & U championships on Thursday, 7/18.  
  • VERY IMPORTANT!  Swimmers who are registered for Champs on Sunday are the swimmers the coaches will place in relays.  If you're registered to attend champs on Sunday but won't be there, YOU MUST TELL COACH PAUL or BRITTA if your swimmer will not be at champs on Sunday!!!    
  • Please remember GOGGLES, CAPS, TEAM SUITS, sharpies, highlighters, your chairs, and any outdoor rugs/mats.  Make sure your name is on everything! 
  • Start hydrating for champs THE DAY BEFORE!!  It is very hot at champs (some of us call it the hottest place on earth).  Everyone, especially swimmers, needs to start drinking lots of water the day before and throughout champs.  
  • Don't forget to bring your donated food item(s).    
  • We will be collecting donations for coaches gifts at championships.  If you have not donated yet, please consider making a donation at champs.  This will be your last opportunity!! 
Warm Ups for 6Unders on Thursday begin at 3pm.  Please try to be there by 2:30 to get set up before warm ups. 
Warm up schedule for Big Champs (Fri-Sun) is below. Please plan to arrive before these times if your child is swimming in that session.  When you arrive, check in at our team tent!  
  • FRIDAY - warm ups start at 3 pm 
  • SAT AM - warm ups start at 7:30 am 
  • SAT PM - warm ups start at 12 pm
  • SUN AM - warm ups start at 7:30 am 
There will be an "over the hill" relay for parents on the last day of championships.  Please email us if you are interested in joining the over the hill parent relay team.  You don't need to have swim experience, just be able to doggie paddle.  We'd like to put together a funny team with a theme this year... like clowns, or flamingo floaties, or swim diapers.... you get the point.  Something funny (too many of the other teams take this race seriously).  Email us at and let us know if you'd like to be on the relay team.   
If you have any questions, please email us at or post a message on our facebook page.