Evaluations and Tryouts are Underway

The North Baltimore Aquatic Club is hosting a series of swimmer evaluations/tryouts. Whether you are a current year-round swimmer, summer-league swimmer or just beginning competitive swimming, the NBAC Coaching Staff encourages all those interested to attend one of our evaluation/tryout sessions. Following the evaluation, coaches will discuss and provide details of what NBAC has to offer your swimmer.

Evaluations will take approximately 10-15 minutes and will be done on a first come first served basis. Please arrive no later than 15-minutes before the end of the session to guarantee your swimmer will be evaluated.

About NBAC:

The North Baltimore Aquatic Club (NBAC) is Maryland #1 Swim Team and for more than 50 years it has been one the Top Teams in the United States. Established in 1968, NBAC continues to do what it does best - provide quality instruction for swimmers and parents, and produce outstanding young men and women. NBAC is credited with producing 11 Olympic athletes, including medalists Beth Botsford, Katie Hoff, Chase Kalisz, Anita Nall, and all-time Olympic winning medalist Michael Phelps. NBAC graduates have attended prestigious universities and have found considerable success in their post swimming careers.

NBAC Mission:

The North Baltimore Aquatic Club leads the nation in competitive swimming. Our diligently designed, professionally coached and internationally renowned program encourages the development of character and self-discipline. These qualities, forged by the combination of creative imagination and hard work, focus our athletes on "The disciplined pursuit of excellence.