Award Recipients 2018/2019 Season

A huge thank you to all the families that came out to celebrate our award winners and the end of our 2018/2019 season! 

Here is a list of the award recipients for this season - if you were not able to claim your award on Tuesday June 25th please email your coach and we will get your award ready for pick up at the VAC office. Awards need to be picked up by Friday July 19th at 5:30pm, otherwise they will be held until our 2019/2020 and can be picked up in September.


  Most Improved
Junior D1 Helena Ashworth/Rehan Mistry
Junior D2 Slice Reznikova/Ethan Wong
white 1.1 Jacob Chua /Naret Reznikoda
white 1.2 George Wang/Lucy Liu
white 2 Lee Liu/Noor Hawari
Blue 1.1 Mia Lin/Brian Shao
Blue 1.2 Lorenzo S.R. /Maggie Blumel
Blue 2 Luisa Eldridge/Yirei Zhou
Red 1 Ziad Ahmed/Nisan MacDonald
Red 2 Dimitrii Oleinic/Gabriella Ang
Elite 1 Junior Alex Cheng/Mutsuki Porter
Elite 1 Senior Teo Bekri/Tara Takayedi
Elite 2 Senior Julian Hosseini/Tia Haughian 
Elite 2 Junior Yannick Morgans/Sahara Forest
W/YNG Luke Janze/Maia Rosarion
Fitness Zoe Sloan/Alexander (Sasha) Shonin
1 swim Highest FINA Points 
10&U Boy William Wei - 400 FR LC (286 pts.)
10&U Girl Alexia Morgans - 400 FR LC (385 pts.)
11&U Boy Noah MacDonald - 200 IM SC (346 pts.)
11&U Girl Ridley Jenkins - 400 FR LC (500 pts.)
5 swims  
12yr old Boy Noah MacDonald - 2094 pts.
12yr old Girl Julia Strojnowska - 2716 pts.
13yr old Boy Jordan Luis - 2630 pts.
13yr old Girl Maria Saldana Rebieling - 2886 pts.
14yr old Boy Jordan Luis - 2526 pts.
14yr old Girl Andjela Nikolic - 2435 pts. 
15yr old Boy Omri Levy - 2197 pts.
15yr old Girl Hannah Akhlaghi - 2661 pts.
16&O Boy Omri Levy - 2218 pts.
16&O Girl Tia Haughian - 2359 pts. 
  James Lui
  High Point Award for highest placed athlete at a Championship meet (in finals)
  Age Group Champs (Winter 2019/Summer 2019
Male Noah MacDonald - 5+ medals
Female Alexia Morgans - 10+ medals
  Provincials (Summer 2018/Winter 2019)
Male Jordan Luis - 4 finals overall, top placing 4th
Maria Saldana Rebieling - 3 finals overall, top placing 9th
  Record Breakers 
  Noah MacDonald
  Alexia Morgans
  Jerry Zhang
  Nathalie Day
  Maria Saldana Rebieling
  Julia Strojnowska
  Gabriella Ang
  Ziad Ahmed


  Highest Earner
Henry Bonn / Charlotte Bonn
  Most Pledges
  Lauren Berg  
  Highest Earner
Junior Dolphins 1 Avery West  
Junior Dolphins 2 Ethan Wong  
White 1.1 Daniel Wen  
White 1.2 George Wang  
White 2 Jeremy Zhang  
Blue 1.1 Amber Salman  
Blue 1.2
Lorenzo Saldana Riebeling
Blue 2 Dimitrii Oleinic  
Red 1 Avery Austin  
Red 2 Lauren Day  
Elite 1 Junior Kris Yang  
Elite 1 Senior
Ryley Dye-Hogan
Elite 2 Junior Nathalie Day  
Elite 2 Senior Derek Li  
Western/YNG Omri Levy  
Volunteer Recognitions
  Sadie Cyr  
  Edie Gyorki  
  Natasha Beese  
  Ryan Mcquay  
  Gilbert Savoie