When I started this, it was like six things and now look at it...

01. CLINICS TONIGHT (AND THURSDAY)... The weather looks good tonight (knock on wood) and we're going to try again. BREASTSTROKE CLINICS will take place tonight. 10 & Unders take the pool at 7:45pm and the 11 & Overs get their shot at 8:30pm. On THURSDAY night, we'll have a shorter clinic focusing on RELAY EXCHANGES. 10 & Unders will work on these from 7:45 - 8:20pm; 11 & Overs will take over from 8:25 - 9:00pm. Both clinics will be very helpful in the coming weeks.

02. RIDGEWOOD MEET THIS SATURDAY... We're back at home for our last home week. We've got a handful of last splashes to celebrate and, oh yeah, we've got a meet to win. Ridgewood is a pretty big team, so we'll need all hands on deck. Please be sure to commit your swimmers now and sign up to volunteer so we have everything covered. And always remember, even though the temperatures might be heating up, we all still need to keep our cool on deck. We are the funnest team in the league, after all.

03. PEP RALLY & PIZZA PARTY THIS FRIDAY... Speaking of fun, this week is the Grand Poobah of pep rallies: The Age Group Nations Battle of Boys vs. Girls. Each age group/gender will create their own nation - complete with theme, flag, and anything else that they can come up with. For the pep rally, the nations will compete in some epic games to determine the champion. Then, at the meet, the Boy nations will join forces against the Girl nations and whichever team has more time drops gets DONUTS AT PRACTICE! Quite an incentive. And for Parent Nation, we will have a pizza picnic - pre-order yours at: Signup Genius (Bring exact cash or check made out to Bridlewaves to the pep rally). ALSO, ALSO, KONA ICE WILL BE ON SITE once again for your flavored ice treat requirements.

04. DIVISIONALS SHIRT ORDERS DUE SATURDAY... It's time to get your orders in for Divisional Tee Shirts. (It takes a while to get them all printed and stuff). The order form is attached to the email and is on the team site if you click the right rotating banner, picture, thingy. Orders are due by July 13 - AT THE RIDGEWOOD MEET. (NOTE: The shirt is NOT striped - even if it displays that way on the form sometimes.)

05. RIBBON SLEEVES FOR SALE... Every summer, swim folks contemplate some serious questions, such as the meaning of life, whether a bucket turn is faster than an open turn, and what to do with all those ribbons. Well, the first two can be addressed by a spiritual advisor and our coaching staff, but the last question can be taken care of by our very own Bob Edenberg. Bob will be selling ribbon sleeves to store and display your wares. These are $1 a piece. Just find Bob and strike up a conversation.

05b. SPEAKING OF RIBBONS... Hey, did you know that after Tuesday practices, unclaimed ribbons go in the file folders we have for each swimmer? You can pick them up any time at practice. I know some of you DIDN'T know that, because there are a few folders that are bursting at the seams. (Some even have ribbons from LAST SEASON). Be sure to check for your ribbons when you have a chance. By the way, this is also a good way to return any ribbons you got by mistake. (It's been known to happen).

06. SPIRIT WEAR LIMITED RUN ENDING TOMORROW... We have a Spirit Wear store open right now, but it will be closed soon. Like tomorrow soon. Orders placed before the store closes should be available just in time for Divisionals. So, if you have a hankering for some BWaves gear, check out what's available at:

07. CHAMPS SEASON FOR YEAR-ROUNDERS... If you notice that there are a lot of our good swimmers missing from the BWaves deck this week, it might be because Champs Season kicks off for our club swimmers. This week there are two championship meets going on from Thursday through Sunday. Next week, there's another one. If you have Meet Mobile and want to follow along, you can get results by looking for "2019 PV LC 12&U Championships", "2019 PV LC Open Championships", and "2019 PV LC 13&O Championships" (next week).

08. PICTURE DAY...  The new plan is to have everyone on deck for the team pictures on TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 16th. Arrive at 8:00am to line up and smile around 8:30am. Individual pictures (optional) will follow and the photo shoot will replace the practice for that morning (except for Guppies, Guppies still get their practice).

08b. AGE GROUP FUN DAY... So to make up the missing "fun day" practice, you should be hearing from your Age Group Fun Coordinator sometime soon about planning a group outing - away from the pool - for your age group sometime following the pictures. This is something you all get to work out on your own and have a blast getting to know your teammates a little bit better.

09. GUPPIES IN ACTION... Our Guppies have been working really hard all season and their time to shine is coming soon. On Wednesday, July 17th, the Gups will be heading over to our good friends at Kingsbrooke to square off against the Pups. They will have a few chances to race and show off what they've learned so far - including an epic kickboard relay to cap it off. Festivities should be kicking off around 5:30pm. This is a good opportunity for some of our older swimmers to volunteer to help out the next generation of BWaves.

10. GET YER ICE CREAM... Also on Wednesday, July 17th, we have a Spirit Night planned at the Coldstone Creamery. Show up between 5:00pm and 9:00pm and part of your purchase will go towards supporting the team. Also, if the Guppy meet ends early enough, we may be able to convince Coach Mark, Coach Lauren, Coach Jeremiah, and Coach Ashley to scoop up your frozen treats (if you trust them). Sure to be fun!

11. STUCK ON YOU (OR YOUR VEHICLE)... Hey, did you know that we've got new car magnets available for $5 each? Probably not, we've been hiding them pretty well. BUT if you want the BWaves horse on the back of your car, find Steve Witt, the keeper of the magnets. Maybe he'll share with some of the rest of us, too, but until then, I think you have to buy them from Steve.

12. BOARD NOMINEES... So we mentioned this a couple times now, but it's for real time to consider throwing your hat into the ring for next year's Board. We've got at least one spot opening up and it may just be your shape. What you need to do is send the board a picture and brief bio (i.e., why do you want to be on the Board) and some proof that you aren't a crazy person. The picture should be of you and not some random artsy shot you took when you were feeling inspired. (We like those, too, but it doesn't help the votes come in). Send that and/or your questions to

13. WE DON'T LIKE TO TALK ABOUT IT, BUT... summer will end eventually. We are already planning for the off season. We know that the big programs from our sponsors like NCAP, OCCS, and Stealth are not for everyone and we offer a pretty good alternative in our Off-Season Swim Program. This is a flexible and affordable option for those swimmers who want to keep in swim shape throughout the year, but also have other stuff going on. If you are going to be interested in joining us this fall, please let us know so we can plan better. Tentative Start date will be Sept 15th. Also, if you participated last year and have feedback and/or suggestions for us, we'd like to hear those, too. Send us an email at: Thanks!

BONUS. END OF SEASON BANQUET IS COMING UP... We started planning for this, too. Signups will be available in the next week or so and, um, we are still waiting for a SLIDESHOW MAKER PERSON.