Sectionals Info Posted HERE

Notes for Sectionals Meet:

1. Be in Team Attire every moment you are on the pool deck. (if you need a team cap see Coach Ron "before" you go down to the meet).

2. PARKING! Very much suggested parents download the Parking Pass for the week. It is much cheaper than what it will cost to do in and outs. You can find the link HERE:

3. Wednesday night Warm Up at UT - 6:00-7:15p.m.

4. Warm Up Schedule:  Thursday - 7:00a.m.

                                       Friday - 7:00a.m.

                                       Saturday/Sunday  - depending on where events  

                                       fall  warm up adjusting may be possible - talk to

                                         Coach Ron at the meet.

5. Top 5 heats of 200 and Under swim in finals

Psych Sheet can be found HERE: /ntfast/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/psych-sheet_097174.pdf

Meet Timelines can be found HERE: /ntfast/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/timeline_069739.pdf

Parking Garage Map can be found HERE: /ntfast/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/lc-sectionals-parking_058279.pdf