7/9/19 Lane Lines


Lane Lines
Your weekly Cascade Swim Club updates

From the Office:
The Senior Open STILL Needs Key Positions Filled!
The 100th Annual Senior Seattle Open happens this week at Colman Pool and we need all hands on deck to make this a success. Thank you to those who have already helped fill volunteer positions. There are still a handful of spots we need help with. Please take a look at the remaining positions at the link below. Remember, double-hour credit is offered for all meet jobs at the Senior Open. This meet will be a very fun and special event that you will want to be part of, whether you have a swimmer in the water or not. Please join us and make the 100th Senior Open great! Sign up here:


From The Deck:

Colman AG Practice This Saturday
Due to the Senior Open this weekend at Colman Pool, practice for Age Group swimmers on Saturday, July 13 will be as follows:
AG 1 & 2 – 8:9:30am
AG 3 – 8-9am


Staying Warm at Colman During Senior Open and Age Group Open
A reminder to all our swimmers to come to Colman Pool prepared for all types of weather. While we have had many sunny, warm days there, it is not constant. It is critical that your swimmer come prepared to brave the elements of wind and sun, plus getting wet and not getting completely dry. They must stay warm. Please remind your swimmer(s) that coaches expect them to be prepared and bring appropriate attire and layers:

  • Pants, shirts, socks, shoes, hats, sweatshirts, coats, more towels than you may think you need, sleeping bags, blankets, any and all layers to stay warm during the entire meet.
  • Bring sunscreen for skin protection and water to stay hydrated.
  • Also, bring meet-appropriate snacks to stay fueled for races. Please speak with your coach if you have questions about what a meet-appropriate snack is.


Meet Registration Deadlines
A reminder of upcoming meet registration deadlines:

  • Senior LSC Champs: registration deadline is Sunday, July 14
  • PNS 14 & Under Champs: registration is not yet open for this meet, projected deadline of Sunday, July 21



Location Updates
Please note the upcoming no practice/closure dates at each pool. Pool closure dates are located in the Calendar tab and also in the “ Pool Closures” dropdown on the team website.

All Pools – see Summer Training Schedule on the website.


Save The Date/Mark Your Calendar
July 11-13:        100th Annual Senior Seattle Open, a CSC-hosted meet at Colman Pool
July 19-20:        Chinook Age Group Seattle Open, a long course meet at Colman Pool
July 25-27:        PNS Senior LC Champs at KCAC
Aug. 1-4:           Futures at Mt. Hood Aquatic Center, Gresham, OR
Aug. 2-4:           PNS 14 & Under LC Champs at KCAC