VFCal Champs sign up has started!


Hello Marlins Families,

The link to commit to our upcoming VFCal Championship meet on July 27this now live. Please log onto our web site and commit or decline your swimmer(s) at this time. In order to swim at the VFCal Championship meet your swimmer(s) must have participated in a minimum of two dual meets this summer. Time trials (Blue and Gold meet) does not count. The deadline to commit to Champs is Monday July 15, 2019. This is a week earlier than usual due to the length of time it takes to seed such a large meet.

If your swimmer(s) is going to compete please go to the comment section and list the three individual events your swimmer(s) would like to compete in.  Please note that in order to compete in any particular event your swimmer(s) must have an official time in that event. This means that your swimmer(s) must have swam the event in a dual meet or time trials without a dq, thus getting an official time. 

If your swimmer is trying to qualify for Meet of Champs (MOC) on Aug. 3 & 4, keep this in mind when selecting events to swim at VFCal Champs. A swimmer can qualify for MOC one of two ways. They can already have a qualifying MOC time earned at a meet this summer. (Those times can be found at Or they can place in the top 10 swimmers for their event at VFCal Champs. If your swimmer is trying to qualify for MOC by placing in the top 10 in an event at VFCal Champs be sure you request that he/she swim that event. 

Lastly, while you are on the website to sign up your swimmer for Champs, please sign up for your volunteer position. All families attending Champs are required to do one volunteer shift at Champs toward your 20 hours. If your swimmer is not attending Champs, you can fulfill your 20 hours outside of Champs. 


Thank you,

Sophia Trotter-Goetze