End Of Summer Team Party

GCSTO 2019 Summer Team Party & Welcome of New Swimmers

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 from 6:45 to 9:00 p.m. at the Gahanna Swimming Pool.

All GCSTO swimmers from 2018/2019 fall/winter, 2019 spring and/or 2019 summer season are welcomed AS ARE ALL NEW SWIMMERS INTERESTED IN JOINING GCSTO FOR THE UPCOMING 2019/2020 FALL/WINTER SEASON!

 1 – The Gahanna Swimming Pool is located at 148 Parkland Drive. Simply come in the front gate and tell them that you are there for the GCSTO team party. We will locate ourselves in the large shelter on the immediate right as you enter the pool. Many of the coaches and several new swimmers will be involved in one of our tryout nights in the back pool from 5:30-6:45 so they can just come up to join the festivities when they are done back there. There is no charge for this event. But please remember that it’s for GCSTO related swimmers and their families, only. If there is a major issue with that (you house a foreign exchange student that you’d like to bring or such) please simply contact me to inquire about bringing them or not. 

2 – This is not an awards night or anything like that. It’s simply a night for everyone (not only the swimmers but their family members, as well) to come to the pool to eat, swim, unwind & relax. There’s absolutely nothing formal about it.

3 – Please bring your own chairs, tableware, cups, napkins and drinks. Please also bring some type of dish to share with team members. Anything from salads, fruits, to dishes (meat, pasta, casseroles and such), to pizza, to desserts and anything else that you can imagine. It’s worked out fine in the past not assigning things and just letting folks bring whatever they want so we will stick with that since it’s not broken.  

4 – The coaches that will help direct things that night (what little direction is needed). Come to any of us for what it is that you may need that night.

5 – If we could folks help arranging things/food in a buffet-like order as people bring in their food that would be awesome.

6 – Cleaning up is another area that we could really use help in as we want to leave it cleaner than we found it so any help we can get there from ATHLETES would be great. This would be something great for the athletes to do so that they learn to do just that… leave a place cleaner than they found it! 

7 – Swimming occurred from 6:45 onward up to 9:00. The pool closes for normal operation at 8:00 so we had 1 hour solo. Pool management may limit us to one pool or the other based upon available guard coverage for that last hour so we’ll just go with management directs that night.

      We just have to be totally cleaned up and outta there by 9:00. The workers will have been there a bunch that day and we want to respect that and try to get out as quickly as we can afterwards to allow them to close up properly and get on home. 

 THANKS everyone and we really hope to see you there! 

 The GCSTO Staff