Moses Lake Sizzlin' Summer Warm Up and Additional Information

Dear Families,

You are receiving this email since you are attending the Moses Lake Sizzlin' Summer Invitational this coming weekend from July 12-14, 2019. Please read carefully for information pertaining to the meet.

1. Warm Ups

Please be on deck the following times in the following days: 

  • Friday PM - 4:50 PM
  • Saturday AM 13 yrs and Over: 6:45 AM
  • Saturday AM 12 yrs and Under: 8:45 AM
  • Sunday AM 13 yrs and Over: 6:45 AM
  • Sunday AM 12 yrs and Under: 8:40 AM

2. Deck Chairs

There will be limited seating available for families. I would highly recommend all to bring foldable chairs/camping chairs if they wish. You are also welcome to bring tents. I have attached the map for your reference re camping area. 

3. Sunscreen, Goggles, and Water! 

This will be an outdoor meet and it will be lots of fun! However, I would highly recommend everyone to bring sunscreen, tinted goggles, and lots of water! It has been traditionally very warm, so please make sure to keep swimmers hydrated and protected from the sun. 

4. Team Gear

Please do not forget to bring your team gear. Bring your white LOSC team shirts, extra cap and goggles. Reminder to bring your racing suit as well. 

5. Timers

Meet management just sent out information that parents are expected to time in the meet. 

Please sign up for timing spots for Lane 2 when you arrive. Please coordinate with other parents to ensure that timers are cycled. 

Any questions please let me know!

Safe Travels!

Zachary Haw