Update from Greg Pinchbeck, CT Swimming Safe Sport Coordinator

Update from Greg Pinchbeck, CT Swimming Safe Sport Coordinator

Below is a summary of questions that have come up recently related to Safe Sport.

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP) Update:
•       While the June 23rd due date has passed, please make sure 100% of your applicable adults have signed off on MAAPP and that you have a retrievable record (electronic or paper) to prove that
•       Please monitor your 17 year olds and ensure they review and sign off on MAAPP prior to their 18th birthday
•       Preferred Practice for MAAPP verification:  in addition to the mandatory Safe Sport briefing points, several meet hosts have modified their volunteer sign in sheet to include a question as to if the volunteer has signed off on MAAPP.  If they have not they will have a copy available for review and sign off on the spot.
•       If you have Masters swimmers that swim in the same workout as your USA Swimming athletes the Masters swimmers must review and sign off on MAAPP.  If the Masters swimmers use the pool at the same time, do a different work out in different lanes they do not need to sign off on MAAPP
•       No new updates from the USA Swimming Safe Sport office.
•       Please contact me directly if any club would like to become a 'Safe Sport Recognized Club Program'

Athlete Protection Training (APT) Update:
•       The following must complete APT on the USA Swimming site 'all new and existing members including coaches, officials, chaperones, meet directors, and adult athletes'.
•       New 18 year olds must complete APT to stay in good standing with USA Swimming as they are 'adult athletes'.  They will receive an email of non-compliance from USA Swimming if this is not completed.
•       Beginning July 23, 2019 noncompliant adult athletes will be barred from competing in USA Swimming sanctioned/approved meets until the APT is completed.

I will be attending Safe Sport meetings with USA Swimming in mid-September, please email me any comments/concerns/suggestions you may have by the end of August and I will review and raise them with the team.

Greg Pinchbeck
CT Swimming Safe Sport Coordinator