Bird Bath Newsletter

Bird Bath Invitational Newsletter

What an awesome weekend for FCYST as we hosted the 21st Annual Bird Bath Invitational!  The weather was pretty amazing, the venue was fantastic, the meet went off without a hitch, the volunteers were super supportive and the best around, the food was delicious and nutritious, and the swimmers were OUTSTANDING!!!!  Thank you so much to all our incredible volunteers who made this meet the HUGE success it was.  Without the support of our FCYST friends and families, we would not be able to host this meet.  Thank you so much!  You helped make an amazing impact in the lives of our swimmers, all participating swim teams and the entire swim community!  FCYST is so extremely fortunate to have the support of our friends and families.  We cannot thank you all enough!

A huge congratulations to the stars of the swim meet, our swimmers!  So many amazing swims, best times, technique improvements and first-time swims and new Long Course USA State Cuts!  The improvements to racing strategies and stroke technique have been so awesome to watch as the season continues.  Thank you to all who participated in the Bird Bath Spirit Days.  It was great to see the creativity of our swimmers each day.  A few pictures have been posted to our Facebook page, feel free to add more! 

Mentioned below are swimmers who had a Perfect Meet (all best times and all legal swims), Big Time Drops (personal best time of greater than 10 seconds in an event) and New Long Course USA Qualifying Times.  FCYST combined to drop a total of 985.82 seconds in individual events, had 204 best times and 115 first time legal swims throughout the 3 day meet!  Quite impressive!  Congratulations to all! 

Perfect Meet:  Lily Bayer, Ian Bruce, Lucas Campana, Owen Daniels, Parker Davis, Mika Dorton, Brooklyn Driessen, Claire Gerrits, Elena Gonzalez, Alaina Hagany, Ian Hawley, Katie Hintz, Alex Kanable, Ethan Kanable, Breleigh Maurer, Megan Mladucky, Owen Nesbit, Noelle Nevins, Aili Olson, Luke Pokwinski, Audrey Priestly, Mats Ridlehoover, Jillian Schneider, Meredith Schultz, Madison Sikes, Kacie Stamm, Brooklyn VanGompel, Madison Wilcox and Madison Witz.

Big Time Drop:  Beau Andree (2), Gracie Baum, Gideon Benner, Annika Bodway, Katelyn Bottchen, JD Dursch, Abram Hansen, Katie Hintz (2), Alex Kanable, Kaitlyn Leach, Gabby LeCaptain (2), Mia Lerner, Edee Maddaloni, Cole Mursau, Elliott Pershing (3), Jillian Schneider, Abby Watson (2), Burke Wendell, Brenna Witz and Ryker Zarda (2).

New Long Course USA State Qualifying Time:  JD Dursch (50 Meter Breaststroke), Tyler VanGompel (200 Meter Breaststroke) and Ryker Zarda (50 Meter Backstroke and 100 Meter Backstroke).