Alberta Summer Championships - Day 4 results

10 July 2019 (Edmonton, AB) - The final day of racing saw more fast swims in the pool for Cascade adding more qualifiers, more medals and more records.

The 100m freestyle was the first race and just like in our other events for the 13&U boys it was Kadin Werner Enns on the back end getting down and crushing all-comers with his tremendous back-end speed. Kadin outsplit the field by a full-second on the 2nd 50 getting himself to a 57.47 final time with a 29.55 second-fifty split. The 14-15 year-old boys saw a bronze medal performance out of Addison Butler who scored a 55.21 personal best time and a drop of 1.5 (!) seconds from prelims to finals. Peyton Morey took another silver medal in her para multi class event after going 1:10.63 at night, a half-second better than the morning.

Ella Varga has been crushing the backstroke all-weekend long and the 200m event was no exception. At the Canadian trials in April she made it into the consolation final finishing 13th overall in 2:13.63 - right after at the Western Canadian Championships (and still rested) she was 2:15.65. Here tonight she was 2:15.74 in the middle of hard work and still unrested prepping for both the Canadian Junior & Canadian Swimming Championships happening in July & August. That is pretty big progress for Varga and comparing her lifetime best time as well as Westerns and now AB Summer Champs you can see all sorts of improvement in her swimming tactics with way better control on the back end of the race:

Trials                 Westerns              AB Summer Champs

05 April 19        13 April 19           07 July 19

2:13.63              2:15.65                 2:15.74

31.83                 31.85                   32.46

33.57 1:05.40    33.99 1:05.84       34.19 1:06.65

34.51 1:39.91    34.91 1:40.75       34.82 1:41.47

33.72 2:13.63    34.90 2:15.65       34.27 2:15.74

The 2:15.74 was the fastest time all-ages for the girls and good for gold on the night.

Our male backstrokers were next with Hayden Woodrow and Caleb Gaine looking for medals on the night. Woodrow & Gaine were in top form at night getting into a heated battle with the Calgary Patriots Alexander Lalonde. Hayden and Alex were going stroke for stroke through the first 150m with Hayden out first at the 50m mark then following behind Lalonde by just 7/100ths at the halfway point. With a solid 3rd fifty Lalonde broke away into the 150m wall eventually winning by two full seconds in 2:15.65. This left Woodrow racing against his teammate Caleb Gaine for the final two medals. Hayden was up by a second at the 150 1:42.64 to 1:43.61 but Gaine closed hard on the final 50, eating up all sorts of real estate that laid in between them, and out splitting most by a 1/2 second but it wasn’t quite enough to get ahead of Woodrow. Final result was Hayden second for silver in 2:17.50 and Gaine third for bronze in 2:17.99. In the boys open category Sebastian Somerset won his second event of the night with a solid 2:04.23 swim that ended up being a nice two-way battle between himself and UCSC’s Richie Stokes with Seb taking the win by a full-second.

In the last individual event of the night Keira Kennedy took off more time in her 800m freestyle to swim 9:58.73 with a very nicely put together race at 5:00.73/4:57.86. This was a lifetime best for Keira and a gold medal to boot! In our open girls category Ellie Maradyn had a great come from behind race (while even splitting in 4:42.76/4:43.19) as the rest of the field collapsed around her. Ellie was patient with the event taking it in control and then racing back on everyone as they faded through the finish of the event. Ellie’s final time was 9:25.95 and good enough for bronze. 

In our boys 800m event Adam Connell swam with good control and a long stroke that saw him pace himself down to a very solid 9:14.92 silver medal performance. Dawson Sheehan, who we had mentioned at the beginning of the report, just missed out on the podium but while still recovering from his triathlon effort the day before managed a personal best and 4th place final result in 9:23.06. Then, in our open age category (16&O), Cascade managed a new senior national qualifier coming through in a nail-biter of a race with Kian Pratt swimming underneath the cut in 8:42.89 - the standard being 8:43.17. Pratt was swimming in the outside lane pacing off of teammate Matt Ketchin for the first part of the race before starting to hunt the middle lanes on the back half of the race. At the 400 he was on pace (4:20.66) but now lapping at 1:06+ which would have put him just over the standard. With a couple 1:06.1’s and a 1:02.8 last 100 over the final 300 he managed to get his first ever senior nat (CSC) qualifying standard.

The final event of the night was the 4x100m Medley Relay. Cascade had medals from a variety of different teams with the first coming from the boys 14-15 year-old group of Caleb Gaine, 1:04.43; Addison Butler, 1:10.12; Dawson Sheehan, 1:04.51; Kadin Werner Enns 56.20 and final time for the boys was 4:15.26 for silver.

In our girls 15&O race it was quite a see-saw battle between ourselves, Keyano, Red Deer Catalina and UCSC. Out first was your Cascade crew in 1:05.36 on the backstroke by Payton Kelly. Next up was Isabelle Roth on the breaststroke in 1:13.74 with Red Deer Catalina in the lead after national junior team breaststroke leg by Elizabeth Moore. Kyla Leibel and Red Deer gained a smidgen more on us with their butterfly leg by their senior national team member, Kyla Leibel, in 1:02.87 with our own Ella Varga put up a great split of her own in 1:03.17. Anchor legs came down to Gray Almasi for us Brooklynn Weins for the Deer. Gray, who had never broken a minute before and had gone under her old best time in the individual race this weekend, three times at 1:00.42, 1:00.25 and 1:00.00 (old best 1:00.59), now took the proverbial bull by the horns and went after it on this one. 27.61 on the first 50 and then back in 31.72 for a 59.33 lifetime best split ever! Final time for the girls was 4:21.60 and good for the silver.

The last race of the night for Cascade was a good one for our quartet which was led out by Sebastian Somerset in 57.39 on the backstroke; that was followed up by Matthew Ketchin on the freestyle in 1:08.13; on the butterfly it was Youssef Maksoud in 57.90; on the freestyle, “Coach” Parker Brown got the job done in 53.17. Final time for the crew was 3:56.59 and a solid bronze medal. 

Recap of Qualifiers & Records Broken

New Qualifiers

Senior National - 1

Kian Pratt, 800m freestyle

Junior National - 1

Keira Kennedy, 1500m freestyle


National Records - 1

Peyton Morey, 1500m freestyle Para S10

Club Records - 12

Joey Molnar, 50m, 100m & 200m freestyle boys 10&U

Aden Goetz, 50m backstroke, 4x50m Medley Relay girls 11-12

Madilyn Connell, 4x50m Medley Relay girls 11-12

Alexa Warren, 4x50m Medley Relay girls 11-12

Helena Moore, 4x50m Medley Relay girls 11-12

Devon Angus, 4x200m Freestyle Relay girls 13-14

Kennedy Neilson, 4x200m Freestyle Relay girls 13-14

Sophie Idle, 4x200m Freestyle Relay girls 13-14

Jada Brown, 4x200m Freestyle Relay girls 13-14


Final team rankings after Day 4:

1. UCSC 2044

2. EKSC 1490.5

3. CASC 1261

4. OSC 904.5

5. RDCSC 443

6. CP 406

7. LASC 224

8. KSC 214.5

9. GP 182.5

10. MAVS 159

Full Results can be found here through the Cascade Swim Club’s website: LIVE RESULTS.