Go Sharks!
Volunteer Points

To Clarify the volunteer commitment for the season...

Each family is required to volunteer 40 points or approx. 10 hours during the season.   Swimming is a very volunteer intensive sport.  We couldn't run the team without volunteers.  Each season we estimate the number of hours needed to run each meet and all the behind the scenes activities to make things run smoothly.  We always have to estimate the number of families on the team + the number who won't volunteer.  We also don't know at the beginning of the season if we're hosting B Champs or not.  This is not an exact science and we do our best to make it all work out for each family.  Each family will additionally need to "own" getting their hours in and making an effort early.  You can't wait until the end of the season or the last meet and hope to make your hours.  

With that in mind - We are not requiring an additional "A or B Champs" requirement this year + your 40 points.  The end of season opportunities will fold into your 40 points.  We are posting some additional season end opportunities in the next few days.  Please feel free to check into the office next Thurs. for any open opportunities. Thank you for your patience.

Posting on Klahanie Swim Team FB page about your frustration doesn't help get the volunteer spots filled - all it does is agitate folks when there's no need for frustration.  

Contact Lisa re: volunteer questions - volunteer4klahaniesharks@gmail.com