Cascade Club Records Update

11 July 2019 (Calgary, AB) - Records galore last weekend in Edmonton!

With 12 more club records broken last weekend as well as one correction from an earlier event we are now at the following record breaking statistics for the year:

National Records Broken     9       23* 2016-2017

Provincial Records Broken  43       85* 2016-2017

Club Records Broken         65       92* 2015-2016

*This is the record for most records broke of that type and the season in which it was broken.

The Cascade swim club will still have a few meets left to go including the Canadian Junior Championships then the Canadian Swimming Championships right after as well as the MidSummer Madness in Victoria not forgetting that we will have some athletes at both the World and Junior World Championships too.

You can view the current club records at the link below.

Cascade Club Records