Evening Practice Cancelled for Thursday, 7/11/2019

Dear Ducks and Ducklings!

Evening Practices tonight are cancelled. Splashdown called and said they were closed for the rest of the day due to thunder and lightning. Additionally, forecast includes high winds and flash flood warnings peaking around 6:15-7:45PM. Try to make it to pracitice in the morning!

I have been able to get the Ducklings practice rescheduled for their practice on Friday [7/12/19] from 6:15 to 7:00 PM. So, while the rest of the team is setting up for the Saturday meet, the Ducklings can practice. Parents will just not be allowed in the Teal Seal Pavilion due to concessions setup.

If you are a Duckling and will not be able to attend, please reply (or send email to and let me know.

Thank you,