B/C Meet Recap

Congratulations to all the PST Piranhas who competed in the B/C Championships at the Weston YMCA July 6-7. Our athletes kicked off the Championship Season with a bang, swimming to numerous best times, new JO cuts and top 8 finishes. Keep up the great work!


Best Times, Junior Olympic Time Standard, (Top 8 Finishers), 100% Best Times

Benjamin Cupid – 50BR (6th), 100IM (1st), 50BK (1st), 100BR (6th), 50FL (1st)

Chloe Cupid – 100BK (5th), 50BR (8th), 200FR (2nd), 50BK (5th), 100FR (1st), 50FL (4th)

Stuthi Dev – 50BK, 50BR, 50FR

Julian Feudo – 100BK, 50FR, 200FR, 50BK (8th), 100BR, 100FR

Kyle Gayle – 100BK (7th), 50FR (3rd), 100FL (4th), 200FR (7th), 100IM, 50BK, 100FR (5th), 50FL

Abigail Juskiewicz – 100BK (1st), 100IM (7th), (50BK – 2nd, 100BR – 8th, 50FL – 8th)

Elleyah Mizrachi – 50BR (4th), 100FL (7th), 100IM (3rd), 100BR (2nd), (200FR – 5th, 100FR – 8th, 50FL 4th)

Ryan Ortega – 50BK, 50FR

Shany Ortega – 50BR, 50FR, 200FR, 100IM, 100FR

Christian Perez – 100BK, 50FR, 200FR, 100FR, (50BK – 8th)

Fabiola Saballos – 100IM (4th), 50FL (6th), (100BK – 7th, 200FR – 3rd, 50BK – 6th, 100BR – 7th)

Orlando Saballos – 100BK (6th), 50BR (6th), 100FL (2nd), 200FR (2nd), 100IM (3rd), 50BK (7th), 100BR (5th), 200IM (5th)

Ana Sanchez-Ayala – 50BK, 50BR, 50FR

Ceasar Sanchez – 50BR (5th), 50FR, 200FR, 100IM, 50BK, 100FR, 50FL

Juan Sarmiento – 100BK, 50BR (1st), 50FR, 200FR (8th), 100IM (6th), 50BK (7th), 100BR (4th), 100FR (7th)

Ciara Strype – 50FR, 50BK, 100FR

Barron Tate – 100BK, 50FR

Brady Wampler – 50BR, 50FR, 200FR, 100IM, 50BK, 100FR, 50FL (7th)

Nadia Parsotan – (50BR – 5th, 100BR 3rd)