B/B Meet Recap

Great job Piranhas! Stop 2 on the Summer Championship season took our athletes to Pompano Beach July 12-14. PST Swimmers turned in another amazing performance, turning in a plethora of best times, including swimmers who went a best time in all their events, top 8 finshes and new Junior Olympic and Senior Championship time standards.


Best Times, 100% Best Times, (Top 8), JO/SR Champ Cuts

Benjamin Cupid – 200IM (5th), 400FR (1st), 100BK (3rd)

Chloe Cupid – 50FR, 100FR

Andre Declet – 200IM (3rd), 50FL (3rd), 100FL

Kyle Gayle – 50FR

Steven Grady – 50FL (8th) (200IM 4th, 100BK 3rd, 50BR 7th)

Daniel Ros – 200FR, 50FL (3rd), 100BR (3rd), 200BR (2nd), 100FR, 50BR (1st)

Alexis Sanchez – 200FR, 100FR (8th), (50BK 8th)

Jackson Wampler – 200FR (2nd), 100BR (2nd), 50FR (4th), 200BK (2nd), 200BR (6th), 100FR (1st)

Kai Kibler – (200IM 5th, 50BK 3rd)